Karma - The Mechanism: Tattvarthasutra 8.05

Published: 22.08.2014

Panchanavadvyastavinshatichaturdvichatvarinshaddvipancha bheda yathakramam (5)

Each of the eight main groups of karma is subdivided into more differentiated types:
  1. karma that obstructs access to the five channels of knowledge (jnana-varana) subdivides into 5 types
  2. karma that prevents insight and understanding (darshana-varana) subdivides into 9 types
  3. karma that determines our feeling of life (vedaniya) subdivides into 2 types
  4. karma that causes delusion (mohaniya) subdivides into 28 types
  5. karma that determines the duration and place of (future) embodiment(s) (ayu) subdivides into 4 types
  6. karma that determines form and features of our body (nama) subdivides into 42 types
  7. karma that determines our status in our social environment (gotra) subdivides into 2 types
  8. karma that causes obstruction in life (antaraya) subdivides into 5 types. (5)

An alternative - more detailed - specification subdivides karma that determines form and features of our body (nama-karma) into 93 types. Adding this to the 55 subtypes of karma of the other seven groups, the Tattvarthasutra generally speaks of altogether 148 types of karma.

The next eight sutras describe the main groups of karma and their subdivisions in detail.


Title: Karma - The Mechanism

Publisher: Crosswind Publishing

Edition: 2000

HN4U Edition: 2014

'The purpose of souls is to assist each other.'
TATTVARTHASUTRA - Chapter 5, Sutra 21

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  1. Antaraya
  2. Ayu
  3. Bheda
  4. Body
  5. Darshana-varana
  6. Environment
  7. Gotra
  8. Jnana-varana
  9. Karma
  10. Mohaniya
  11. Nama
  12. Vedaniya
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