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Karma - The Mechanism: Tattvarthasutra 9.10

Published: 10.10.2014

Sukshmasamparayachchhadmasthavitaragayoshchaturdasha (10)

In the tenth stage of development (suksma sampararaya) only 14 obstacles may occur. (10)


This is hunger, thirst, coldness, heat, annoyance by insects, the craving for stability (homelessness), the fading of our intention to grow, disappointment in the effectiveness of our knowledge, obstruction of the path by external factors, failure in the attempt to obtain help, illness, pain, lack of sincerity and ignorance. All obstacles produced by deluding karmas fall away at this stage.


Title: Karma - The Mechanism

Publisher: Crosswind Publishing

Edition: 2000

HN4U Edition: 2014

'The purpose of souls is to assist each other.'
TATTVARTHASUTRA - Chapter 5, Sutra 21

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