Karma - The Mechanism: Stage 7 - 14 and beyond

Published: 15.11.2014

Stage  7 - 14 and beyond

Consciously deciding to experience the majesty of our consciousness without restrictions.

Reaching all-comprehensive understanding and ultimate freedom from all limiting circumstances.


When we choose the dissolution of all karma in the second phase of stage 7, we fundamentally decide for reaching ultimate freedom.

This path bypasses level 11 and leads via level 8, 9, 10,  12 and 13 to level 14 and then to ultimate freedom. Though initially this may take us only up to level 11 until all our karmic attachments to levels 8 to 11 are dissolved, this path is the sure way to freedom from all karmic limitation.

Stage 12 can only be reached from level ten. On level twelve we dissolve all karmas that produce delusion. In consequence this causes the shedding of the last karmas that still blocked knowledge and intuition and caused obstructions. We now are no more at the mercy of karmic forces, but the perfect master of our life. It is now only a matter of time until we achieve ultimate freedom.

In stage 13 we reach omniscience (kevali). Our consciousness now encompasses the totality of knowledge.

If we have bound special teaching-karma (tirthankara-karma), we here transmit our know-how to others. Activity (yoga) is the only influence we are still subjected to. And this last bond we dissolve at our ascent to level fourteen.

Stage 14 immediately precedes ultimate freedom. Here we separate us from our last desires for limiting experiences (from all remaining karmic bonds). Free from all fetters of the bodily level we regain full command of our great, majestic self, - immensely enriched by our experiences in the restricted, separated circumstances we voluntarily and consciously subjected ourselves to.

The moment we reach ultimate freedom we again assume what was never really lost to us, - pure unrestricted consciousness. As an enlightened being (siddha) we now fully experience our inherent nature - unlimited cognition, unlimited love, unlimited knowledge, unlimited power, and timeless bliss.


Title: Karma - The Mechanism

Publisher: Crosswind Publishing

Edition: 2000

HN4U Edition: 2014

'The purpose of souls is to assist each other.'
TATTVARTHASUTRA - Chapter 5, Sutra 21

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