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Karma - The Mechanism: Stage 7 - 11

Published: 14.11.2014

Stage  7 - 11

Discovering and exploring the world beyond our senses.

Glimpsing the real majesty of our consciousness and orienting towards experiencing more of it.


Stage 7 we experience in two phases that differ significantly from each other. Phase one is a transition-period during which we become familiar with the more intense energies and abilities that characterize this stage. For some time we oscillate between stage 6 and 7 until we stabilized the perception of our sovereign higher self that began to unfold from stage 6 onwards.

In phase two we are caught by a sweeping current that pulls our consciousness up into ever more expansive stages of development. The transition between the first and second phase takes us through several steps, during which our mental processes accelerate so intensely that an entirely new comprehension of reality opens up within us.

After these preparatory steps, the second phase of stage seven offers us two paths for further progress:

1 - The suspension of karma - On this path most our remaining karma becomes inactive (latent). Since latent karma does not obstruct progress up to stage 11, we become able to experience the character of the higher stages. Yet we are unable to maintain this high state and always fall back to the lower stages. The ascent beyond level 11 is blocked as long as we still are  emotionally attached to experiences on lower levels (our undissolved latent karma) that obstruct all further advancement.

It is not required to experience level 7 to 11 sequentially. We may e.g. bypass all these levels to get a feeling for stage 11 and then later go back at will to explore any of the levels we sidestepped.

Stage 8 opens up entirely new and hitherto unknown abilities. We recognize ourselves in everything we encounter.

Stage 9 widens the new abilities gained in stage 8.

In stage 10 we dissolve or deactivate even the subtlest forms of greed.

In stage 11 we begin to perceive the real majesty and splendor of our consciousness for the first time. We get a notion of the eternal, majestic being we really are beyond the limits of this material universe.

At the end of our stay in stage 11 the latent deluding karmas activate again, our longing for further experiences within material limits again takes over our consciousness and we go back to level seven, eight, nine or ten. From there we may ascend again.

2 - The dissolution of karma - On this path we dissolve our remaining karma once and for all.


Title: Karma - The Mechanism

Publisher: Crosswind Publishing

Edition: 2000

HN4U Edition: 2014

'The purpose of souls is to assist each other.'
TATTVARTHASUTRA - Chapter 5, Sutra 21

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