Acharya Shree Tulsi - A Legend Of Humanity: Impact on International Personalities

Published: 19.01.2014

The charismatic personality of Acharya Tulsi was not limited to influence on the national stage. He was highly regarded internationally as well. Professor E. N. Stevenson, a psychologist from Virginia University (USA) along with H. N. Banerjee visited Acharya Shree Tulsi to discuss the concept of "Rebirth". The conversation between them and Acharya Shree Tulsi was as follows:


We have come to India to meet you regarding our research on re-birth.

Acharya Shree:

I am happy to know that science is interested in the research of re-birth. Indian philosophy has a firm belief in re-birth. Rebirth can be explained with logical proofs.


What are the differences between the basic theory of re-birth and Jain theory of re-birth as you see it?

Acharya Shree:

The fundamental tenets of both are same. There might be minor difference in the belief. According to Vedic philosophy, when a person is dead, his soul exits the physical body and wanders in the space for an indeterminate period of time. In this interim, the soul is judged by God. Afterward, it is directed to its designated place as decided in the judgment.

In contrast to this, Jain philosophy believes that before leaving the physical self, its next place of birth is predetermined according to its karma. And as soon as the age determining karmas is destroyed, the life of the body ends and the soul goes to its respective destination.


We have carried out extensive research on re-birth for decades. Within our work we have gathered some new fact's. We have come across some incidents which prove that a person seems to arrive at the place of his rebirth much sooner than he actually physically dies. How is all this possible? We have 300 incidents, which can prove re-birth happens in this manner.

Acharya Shree:

The Jain Agamas (the sacred books of the Jain religion) in certain places explain the fact that a person reaches the re-birth place before life completely leaves the body. Even after being present in a person's body throughout his physical life, the soul gets strongly connected or bonded to its place of its eventual re-birth. In Jain Terminology it is known as"Marnantik Samudghat".


I have encountered certain incidents which conclusively document that the period between the physical death and the re-birth of the soul was over one century. Now the question arises that where was his soul for all this time?

Acharya Shree:

In that duration the existence of the soul cannot be neglected. Pervious birth can be known through "Jatismaran Gyan" (an ability to know the previous birth through meditation). Perhaps it is possible that "Jatismaran Gyan" can see the previous birth which was a century ago including the subsequent births in between.

Stevenson listened intently about the Jain philosophy of rebirth.

In this way a number of people of high caliber visited him and imprinted the influence of his personality forever beyond the border of India. A representative of UNESCO, Mr. Woodland Kahler also came to India to visit Acharya Tulsi. He came with many questions he wanted to be addressed. He was mesmerized by the answers given by Acharya Tulsi and at the end he commented, "Many Indian people are trying to follow us. But I would tell them to follow you."

Donald Cap from Canada, J.R. Burton, and W.D. Wales and other visitors discussed philosophy, religion, politics, morality, humanity and much more with Acharya Tulsi. This was in order to gain deeper insight of the intellectual depth Acharya Tulsi had to offer. They all walked away with positive impressions and contentment.

Acharya Shree Tulsi - A Legend Of Humanity

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