Acharya Shree Tulsi - A Legend Of Humanity: Communist becomes a Theist

Published: 30.12.2013

On the 6th of March in 1968, Acharya Tulsi reached Satara, in Maharashtra, the main centre for Marathi language in India. Acharya Shree was delivering his discourse to an audience of thousands. Among attendees were a large number of distinguished guests and the social elite. After the lecture, Mr. Patil, a young advocate who was sitting in the last row, came forward to share his views along with his personal story.

"Acharyaji! I am a communist. I didn't believe in any religion. I never bowed down before any saint. But after listening to your discourse, my mind has been absolutely transformed. You have explained your religion in a practical way. Now I can accept myself as a theist. Today, I bow my head before you with the deepest humility."

Acharya Tulsi had a strong belief that even an atheist cannot deny the universal form of religion, which is a guidepost for staying on the right path in life. Mr. Patil made his belief come to life through listening to Acharya Tulsi. Many people came to hear Acharya Shree in order to gain an understanding of the true meaning of religion. Acharya Tulsi explained religion in the context of Anuvrat and in a manner that was intellectually accessible and practical for a layman.

Acharya Shree Tulsi - A Legend Of Humanity

First Edition:

Acharya Tulsi Janam Shatabdi Samaroh Samiti, Anurvat Bhawan, New Delhi HN4U Online Edition:

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