Acharya Shree Tulsi - A Legend Of Humanity: Harmony through Anuvrat

Published: 28.12.2013

In general, ego ensures a sense of higher self-importance relative to the actual achievements of a person. Acharya Tulsi was humble and unique in this regard. His sense of humility was key-force to accelerate the developing inter-religious harmony. He always wanted to become an example of personal harmony and not simply make verbal overtures in support of his philosophies.

One decision illustrates just how humble he was and how he was able to impart harmony to any situation and immediately dissipate tension in a non-threatening way. He simply did not believe in perpetuating hierarchies, removing the practice of higher and lower seats during religious programs. He never insisted on taking center stage. Once a Buddhist monk came to visit him and remarked that he wanted to have a discussion, but, was prohibited from sitting in such a way that Acharya Tulsi was in a superior position. Acharya Tulsi promptly suggested that they would sit together on the floor and have their discussion. This simple act left the Buddhist monk awestruck and inspired.

A similar event occurred in Delhi where Mr. Jainendra organized an inter-religious seminar. On the first day of the seminar, Mr. Jainendra with a disconsolate face proposed Acharya Tulsi to renounce his higher seat and sit at audience level during the program. At once Acharya Shree accepted the proposal. Mr. Jainendra felt greatly relieved and Acharya Shree sat on the floor throughout the seminar. In the usual course of events and as a sign of respect the Acharya always sits on the highest seat. Seeing their Guru sitting on the floor, many followers felt upset that their Acharya was being disrespected. Acharya Tulsi paid no heed and this bewildered his followers. It did not take long for the modest and disciplined followers to accept the harmonizing policies of Acharya Tulsi.

Harmony is the key tenet of Anuvrat and through harmony in society we can establish higher values in people's lives.

Acharya Shree Tulsi - A Legend Of Humanity

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