Acharya Shree Tulsi - A Legend Of Humanity: Partners for Self-Improvement: Anuvrat and Preksha Meditation

Published: 02.01.2014

Till date we have been unable to calculate the cumulative impact of Anuvrat on society and the large numbers of individuals who practice it. However research has shown tangible success, in one specific area- the reduction and elimination of substantial abuse and addiction among those who have taken vows to follow Anuvrat.

A campaign against drug addiction began with the Anuvrat movement both on an individual basis and on a larger, societal level. It has succeeded in protecting thousands of people from the perils of smoking, gambling, alcoholism and illicit drug usage. It can be instructive to ask how those who have resolved to quit their addictions can be expected not to relapse and succumb to old habits. Obviously, simply choosing to follow high moral principles - like those propounded by Anuvrat - is not sufficient to end bad habits. Many people want to follow a moral path, but eventually relapse to their personal weaknesses in the face of adverse circumstances.

Regardless of our ever-present human failings, Anuvrat does not stop prescribing the right remedy. To bring about the permanent change that we strive for, it is necessary to incorporate meditation into our daily routine to create and sustain equilibrium. Its practice brings about changes in the secretions of our endocrine glands to positively affect various human functions - including our mood and temperament. Many people have experienced a pronounced transformation in their lives through the practice of Preksha Meditation. Anuvrat and Preksha Meditation have proved to be mutually complementary.

Acharya Shree Tulsi - A Legend Of Humanity

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Acharya Tulsi Janam Shatabdi Samaroh Samiti, Anurvat Bhawan, New Delhi HN4U Online Edition:

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