Acharya Shree Tulsi - A Legend Of Humanity: Preksha: A Technique of Transforming the Personality

Published: 05.01.2014

While addressing to the world conference on peace and nonviolent action held at Ladnun, Rajasthan, Central Indian State, in December 1995 Acharya Tulsi said, "Both peace and war originate in the mind of men. We have paid little or no attention to the question of transforming the human psyche."

The practice of Preksha Meditation propounds a complete transformation of the human personality. One can change one's habits by practicing meditation. Modern science has shown us that hormones can be consciously manipulated. We may study thousands of books, but our habits will not change until the change of chemicals take place. The main problem is how to transform our emotions, and its solution lies in the chemical composition of our endocrine glands.

This technique can be learned and practiced by anybody without distinction of caste, colour or creed. Neither is there a communal nor theological bias, nor does it insist on any theological belief. Thus, if a person wants to lead a happy and peaceful life, an essential component to this end is to practice meditation.

Acharya Shree Tulsi - A Legend Of Humanity

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Acharya Tulsi Janam Shatabdi Samaroh Samiti, Anurvat Bhawan, New Delhi HN4U Online Edition:

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