Journey into Jain Aagam: Be Obedient

Published: 03.12.2017

Kulbaluk was an arrogant and indisciplined disciple of an Acharya. Whenever the Acharya tried to correct him, he felt insulted and thereby, developed a feeling of aversion. So, this disciple decided to take revenge. One day, when he saw the Acharya, along with his disciples, descending from a mountain, he tried to kill the Acharya by pushing a huge boulder upon him from a height.

Kulbaluk throwing a huge boulder towards Acharya from the height

At that very moment, the Acharya happened to turn back and saw what the disciple had done.

Immediately with the help of some Mantras, he threw back the stone that was coming towards him. The Acharya was infuriated by the evil action of Kulbaluk, he cursed him by saying, "A woman will bring forth your destruction."

Thereafter, the group moved ahead leaving behind Kulbaluk. He now began to stay near a shrine of the Taapas and took Aataapana in the hot sand of the nearby riverbank. Occasionally, passers by would give him some food.

Meanwhile, Kaunik, the son of Shrenik, was planning to conquer Vaishali. But he could not do so, because of the curse of Muni Suvrat. One night, in his dream, he got a divine message, which said, "You will be able to conquer Vaishali only when Kulbaluk, who knows all the secrets of the curse, is influenced by some prostitute."

The very next day, Kaunik called for a prostitute who agreed to perform this task. Disguised as a devotee, she reached Kulbaluk's abode. She greeted him with Vandana and said, "My husband has expired and now I am a pilgrim. I happened to hear about you and so I have come to pay my due regards. Please accept these alms from me." Muni Kulbaluk accepted the alms which included a special kind of modak mixed with some medicine. Consequently, the muni got relief from a chronic disease. He felt indebted to her and gradually fell in love with her. He got distracted from his pious path and emerged into worldly affairs. She then took him to Kaunik, learned all the details regarding the curse and finally Kaunik succeeded in conquering Vaishali.

An Acharya constantly strives for the upliftment of his disciples. But, if any disciple violates his command then the disciple's doom is confirmed. Thus, every disciple should act according to his guru's order to achieve success.


Jain Stories

Title: Journey into Jain Aagam
Author: Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha
Publisher: Jain Vishwa Bharati
Edition: 2001

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