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Posted: 06.10.2017


(Uplifted Posture)

Lifting body up in air with support of palms placed on the sides of the body while sitting in Padmasana is Utthith-padmasana. Developed from the Padmasana, this asana aids in strengthening muscles and nerves of hands.


Sit down in Padmasana. Place hands beside thighs. Balancing body on palms lift the body up in air. Inhale deeply while lifting body up.


Initially this asana should be practiced for 30 seconds but slowly time can be extended up to 3 minutes. While lifting body up, inhalation should be deep. While bringing your body down, exhalation should be slow. If the position is to be held for a considerable length of time then inhalation and exhalation should be deep and long. Breath can be held for a while, too.


Heavy built person must perform this asana under the guidance of trainer or guru.

Effect on Health

There is tremendous flow of energy in shoulders, arms and wrists. Heart, ribs and chest become strong. The quivering associated with Parkinson's disease is cured.

During practice of this asana, entire body weight is on palms. The glands and veins that run through palms and hand, reach the brain. So, the pressure felt by glands and veins keeps them healthy, active and enhances mental energy.

Other Benefits

Fingers, palms, wrist, elbows, arms and shoulders become strong. The power to lift more weight is developed.

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