Yoga A New Life Style ► 57 ►Pranayam (Breathing Exercise) ► Important Do's and Don'ts

Posted: 14.11.2017
  1. All those who have weak eyes and a feeble heart and ears that ooze water or pus should avoid Shirshasana.

  2. Bhujangasana (the snake posture), Shalabhasana (the locust posture) and Dhanurasana (the bow posture) are to be avoided by all those suffering from an enlarged spleen and pain in abdominal organs.

  3. Yogamudra and Paschimotanasana should be practiced for a short duration by those suffering from constipation.

  4. Normally, Uddiyan and Nauli should not be practiced by all those who have a weak heart.

  5. All those possessing weak lungs should avoid Ujjai Pranayam and holding breath.

  6. All those suffering from high blood pressure should avoid tougher yogic practices.
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