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Posted: 04.10.2017


Union Posture)

Yogmudrasana (Union Posture)



Sit in Padmasana. Make a fist of left hand and take it behind back at base of spine. Hold wrist of left hand with right hand. Take a deep breath in and exhaling bend body forward till forehead touches floor. Raise hands straight up from back as far as they can comfortably go. Remember to keep hands straight. During this period breath should be slow and natural. Neck and spine should be erect. Exhaling, bring back hands to base of spine. Inhaling, slowly raise head up. Now make a fist of right hand and hold right wrist with left hand and repeat asana.


Initially this asana also should be practiced for 30 seconds but slowly time can be extended up to 5 minutes. From point of view of Nirvikar Sadhana (formless meditation) this asana can be practiced for half an hour but time should be extended gradually.


    1. People with slipped disc or severe spinal problems should avoid this asana.
    2. Should be avoided by people suffering from constipation.


Effect on Health

Yogmudrasana is a refined or advanced form of Padmasana. With regular practice, all organs of abdomen are strengthened and any disorder is cured. The problems of indigestion, Vata (flatulence and related problems), acidity (digestion related problems) and blood related problems are permanently cured. The spinal nerves are directly connected to neurons in brain. During practice of this asana, the stretch experienced by entire spine helps develop not only spine but also neurons. This results in sharpening of intellect. According to Yogacharyas, practice of this asana is very effective to awaken the centre of bio-electricity (Tejas Kendra), which is situated in navel.

With practice ofYogmudrasana main glands affected are gonads, adrenal and pineal. When gonads experience pressure their secretions are regulated which results in a reigning in of one's lustful cravings. Pressure on adrenal glands results in erasing any negative emotions and pressure on pineal gland results in a release of stress and tension.

Other Benefits

Practitioner of Yogmudrasana enjoys all benefits derived from practice of Padmasana. All abdominal disorders are cured. The spinal cord becomes strong and flexible.

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