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Posted: 20.09.2017

The posture which is assumed while lying down straight on back ont he mat with legs raised to 30 degrees is called Uttanpadasana.

Uttanpadasana (300 Upwards)



At the onset, stretch toes out in front. Then stretch heels out and point toes towards knees. This stretching and flexing of calf and shin muscles relieves tension.

  1. Lie down on back. Keep both legs close to each other. Relax body and keep palms on floor.
  2. Take a deep breath in and slowly lift both legs straight out at 30 degree without bending knees.
  3. Hold breath as long as it feels comfortable.
  4. Breathe out and slowly bring your legs to floor.
  5. Breathe in and raise your legs up to 60 degree.
  6. Hold breath as long as it feels comfortable.
  7. Breathe out and slowly bring your legs to floor.

Uttanpadasana (600 Upwards)


The position of Uttanpadasana can be held up to three minutes and it can be practiced thrice every day. If lifting legs up and bringing them down is not easy then place hands under buttocks for support. While holding position breath can be held for ten seconds. Time for holding position can be extended on the basis of practice and capacity.



During practice of Uttanpadasana, position of legs must be as instructed. While raising them up and bringing them down they should be kept straight and not bent at knees. This asana exerts pressure on muscles of legs and abdomen. Hence legs are not to be brought down with a jerk. The movement should be slow and smooth.


Effect on Health

Uttanpadasana can help cure myriad abdominal diseases. Practice of this asana particularly effects the abdominal organs like stomach, liver, spleen, large intestine and small intestine. The navel seems to be the junction of 72000 veins. The displacement of navel can be cause of a number of diseases and disorders. Other than Uttanpadasana there are other asanas as well that help cure these diseases. Practice of these asanas helps to keep navel stable. In Yoga the navel region is called the Tejas Kendra, Manipur Chakra. Practice of meditation begins at this chakra. Meditators concentrate on this chakra at the commencement of their practice. Uttanpadasana is a very simple, easy and effective asana to strengthen and enhance the energy of the navel centre. This asana also helps in curing navel related disorders.

Practice of Uttanpadasana specially affects the adrenal glands and the gonads. The pair of adrenal glands are positioned above the pair of kidneys. The epidermal layer of adrenal gland secretes a chemical called Corticosteroids. Corticosteroids helps to maintain balance of salt and water in blood. It balances the metabolism of blood sugar. These glands secrete a hormone called adrenaline. Excess secretion of adrenaline in blood raises excitement threshold. A mere three-minute-practice of Uttanpadasana works as a pacifier, controlling the secretion and bringing back equilibrium.

When legs return to floor, stretch is felt by nerves and muscles in region below the navel. The consciousness also becomes centred in the same area. This stretch helps in keeping seminal vesicles healthy and aids in the donning of brahmacharya (celibacy).This stretch also helps in stabilizing the external secretions of glands thus helping them to function properly.


Persons who suffer from a backache or a slip disk should not practice this asana without guidance of a trainer.

Other Benefits

With regular practice of Uttanpadasana, digestive system gets strengthened. Muscles of legs become healthy and remain active and all aches and pains disappear. The action of lifting legs helps in reducing tiredness of legs. The action of bringing down legs helps in keeping navel region strong and healthy. It helps to cure a number of leg related diseases.

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