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Posted: 07.10.2017

(Squatting Posture)


Utkutasana accords us proof of human development/evolution. When man succeeded in sitting independently without support of his hands; Utkutasana must have come into existence. Probably this was first sign of human development/evolution.

During practice of Utkutasana, spine and neck remain erect thus directing flow of prana, upward. This asana helps in maintaining balance in the upward and downward movement of air (burping and flatulence) and excretory system. It is said that Lord Mahaveera used to sit in this asana during his spiritual practices. From the point of view of meditation, this asana is important because gravitational pull felt is much less and it becomes easy to maintain awareness during practice. This asana is also called ' Ukadu Asana'.
Utkutasana (Squatting Posture)


Sit on floor balancing entire body weight on feet in such a way that heels are separated by 4 inches and toes separated by 6 inches. Place left hand on left knee and right hand on right knee. The index fingers must touch thumbs when placing palms on knees.


Initially this asana should be practiced for one minute. With practice, time can be extended up to 30 minutes. While meditating, Utkutasana can be done upto an hour. When in Utkutasana, breathing should be deep and long and mind should be calm.

Effect on Health

Utkutasana is simple, and easy and can be performed easily by both healthy and sick people. The entire body weight is centered on soles of feet which seem to be a simple body organ but in reality it has all nerves and veins connected to main organs, centered here. The pressure felt by soles keep all these arteries and veins healthy and in turn keeps respective organs healthy. This is also proved in Acupressure. Abdomen, heart, shoulders and legs become strong and healthy.

The endocrine glands are situated at various places in body and their corresponding centres are situated in soles and palms. The pressure experienced is transferred to glands thus keeping glands and body, balanced and healthy.

Other Benefits

Benefits reaped while practicing Padmasana are automatically enjoyed when practicing Utkutasana. All functions of abdomen remain balanced. When secretions of adrenal gland, achieve required balance, control over passions and emotions is attained thus maintaining mental equilibrium. Spine is strengthened and blood circulation in legs remains normal. Excess fat around hips and waist vanishes. A natural glow adorns the face.

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