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Posted: 24.09.2017

Makarasana is an asana which helps the body to relax. Since this posture resembles the crocodile while it keeps its head above water, this posture is called Makarasana. The practicality and the purity is attained through practice of this Asana. An active swastha kendra, tej kendra and throat chakra Swastha kendra (Swadhisthana Chakra), Tejas kendra (Manipur Chakra) and Vishuddhi Kendra (Throat Chakra) help in the makeover of an entire personality. Among the other benefits of the asana is a healthy and active digestive system. Ajirn (problem of indigestibility of food) is cured and Apan Vayu is purified. Practice of this asana is also beneficial in satisfactory removal of digestive waste from body and relieving back pain. The navel chakra remains healthy and balanced.
Makrasaana (Crocodile Posture)


Lie flat on stomach. The forehead touching ground hands stretched out in front, legs together, heels together, pointing upwards and toes pointing outwards. Raise head and shoulders, bring hands towards body, bend elbow, place palms under chin, rest head in palms and relax.


It is a rule of nature that activity must be followed by relaxation. Yoga, too, enlists a few asanas which relax body. This is one of them. Generally while working, neck of a person is bent downwards and hence it is natural for muscles of neck and shoulders to experience stress. Initially one should practice this for 30 seconds and then slowly increase time span up to 3 minutes. Maintain a deep, long and steady breathing pattern. As mentioned earlier, in practice of this asana neck remains raised, as a result pain in neck and shoulders vanishes. Along with strengthening muscles of neck, disorders like tonsils are also cured.

Other Benefits

Body feels at rest after being active all the time. Fresh energy is generated in the body. This asana helps neck and spine remain erect. According to a few studies, with practice of this asana, pronunciation attain clarity and the voice attains mellifluousness. Any pain in neck and the jaw is also cured.


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