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Posted: 17.06.2015

Tirthankara Bhagawan Mahavira 38

38. A Tirthamkara’s Religious Walk Along With Eight Great Diving Accompaniments On A Golden Lotus

When a Tirthamkara acquires absolute knowledge-Kevala Jnana he begins to preach religion for the welfare of people. Thus he truly becomes a Tirthamkara Vitaragas, a conqueror of all passion. Now he does not feel any desire, passion or expectation. Still gods like Indra with his eight divine accompaniments worship him. In Jaina-terminology these divine accompaniments are known as ‘Asta Maha-Pratiharya’. These Pratiharyas follow Bhagavan through out their lives.

Their names are


  1. Asoka-tree (not Aso-Palava)
  2. a shower of flowers
  3. celestial notes (music)
  4. a chowrie
  5. throne with Lion-diagram
  6. a halo round his head
  7. biggest one over the head, then the smaller one and the smallest, the last above.

Bhagavan does not walk on the earth but walks on the soft golden lotuses spread by gods. Gods, with devotion, scatter scented flowers on the earth under his feet. Thus Bhagavan moves from place to place till ‘Nirvana’ in a very grand and impressive manner.

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