Tirthankara Bhagawan Mahavira ► 39. Eleven Learned Brahmins’ Arrival To Interprete The ‘Sastras’

Posted: 18.06.2015

Tirthankara Bhagawan Mahavira 39

39. Eleven Learned Brahmins’ Arrival To Interprete The ‘Sastras

Bhagavan had first of all eleven disciples known as ‘Ganadharas’. They approached Bhagavan as learned Brahmins. It is main peculiarity that Tirthamkara Mahavira’s first ad chief disciples were Brahmins. It teaches us that there is no caste difference in Jaina religion so the picture will encourage Brahmins and Jainas to come close together. These Brahmins were from different places and were expert in the four “Vedas” and fourteen branches of knowledge. They were expert in interpreting the expert in interpreting the ‘Sastras’. These Ganadharas had hundreds of disciples.

Their names are in order here:

  1. (1) Indrabhuti
  2. (2) Agnibhuti
  3. (3) Vayubhuti
  4. (4) Vyakta
  5. (5) Sudharma
  6. (6) Mandita
  7. (7) Mauryaputra
  8. (8) Akampita
  9. (9) Acalabhrata
  10. Metarya
  11. Prabhasa.

They doubted the existence of soul, Karma, the five elements, the other world, Hell, Punya (good deeds), salvation etc. They came to Bhagavan Mahavira. Omniscient Mahavira dispelled all their doubts skillfully, so they surrendered and dedicated their lives to him. They had come to conquer Bhagavan Mahavira but were conquered themselves.

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