Tirthankara Bhagawan Mahavira ► 12. Janmakalyanaka : Celebration Of The Blissful Birth (Incident-3)

Posted: 22.05.2015

Tirthankara Bhagawan Mahavira 12

12. Janmakalyanaka: Celebration Of The Blissful Birth (Incident-3)

Sakrendra, the chief of all Indras, carries Bhagavan Mahavira to Mount Meru and placing him on his lap, he makes arrangements for the anointment and the bathing ceremony. Numerous gods and goddesses including the sixty-three Indras have also assembled there to participate in the auspicious ceremony. They bathe him with water brought from various holy places and oceans and mixed with perfumes and the holy earth of sacred places. The water is poured from gold and silver pitchers studded with jewels. Then follows the application of various perfumes and sandal paste, Waving of lamps (Arati) and drawing of the eight auspicious symbols. All gods and goddesses celebrate the occasion by singing eulogistic songs and by dancing with joy. The child is later placed beside Trisala in her bed-chamber. The parents and relatives, etc. celebrate his birth with royal pomp and glory and name the child, thereafter, as Vardhamana.

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