Tirthankara Bhagawan Mahavira ► 14. Prince Vardhamana’s Courage Tested By A God

Posted: 24.05.2015

Tirthankara Bhagawan Mahavira 14

14. Prince Vardhamana’s Courage Tested By A God

The world is full of contradictions. While there are people who sing praises and appreciate the valour of a person, there are others who are jealous of him. Bhagavan Mahavira was also subjected to this experience. Once prince Vardhamana was playing with his mates on the outskirts of the city. At that very moment, Sakrendra started paying glowing tributes to the courage, valour, bravery and fearlessness of prince Vardhamana, a young boy of eight. A jealous god challenged the statement on the ground the fear is an instinct inherent amongst all mortals and especially in children. In order to frighten the child, he assumed the form of a formidable and frightening cobra and encircled the tree on which the children were playing. Naturally all the boys were frightened and ran away for their life, but Mahavira stood there like a rock. Without batting an eyelid and being completely undaunted, he caught hold of the cobra bravely with his hands and flung it away.

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