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Posted: 23.06.2015

Tirthankara Bhagawan Mahavira 44

44. Gosalaka Releases Tejolesya - A Fiery Flame - To Burn Down Bhagavan Mahavira But Fails

In the course of his walking tour Bhagavan Mahavira came to the city of Sravasti. Gosalaka, son of Mankhali and a former disciple of Bhagavan Mahavira, Was also living in Sravasti at that time, he had founded a rival sect-the Ajivika sect, Was well-versed in astrology and used to call himself an omniscient Tirthamkara. On being informed about this, Bhagavan Mahavira told his disciples that Gosalaka was his former disciple and that he has not attained absolute knowledge. When Gosala came to know about this, he was furious and he came to Bhagavan Mahavira and abused and cursed him. He cast an all-consuming fiery flame towards Bhagavan Mahavira. Two of his disciples, Who happened to be there inspite of his advice to keep away, Were burnt down, but the flame could not hurt Bhagavan Mahavira, With the result that it recoiled against Gosalaka himself and he was reduced to ashes.

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