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Posted: 12.06.2015

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33. Accepting Alms From Candanabala On Fulfillment Of The Vows

During the twelfth year after initiation Bhagavan Mahavira entered the city of Kausambi after a long penance. He would accept alms (Bhiksa) only from the donor who fulfilled his ten untold conditions. He would accept and Urad preparation from the corner of a winnowing basket, given by a person with one leg on the threshold and the other outside, Who was princess turned into a slave, Who had a shaven head and whose legs were bound by chains. She must be a chaste woman, performing the penance of Atthama (three day’s fasts), and should serve him after all mendicants had left and with tears in her eyes. Five months and twenty-five days elapsed, but no donor fulfilled these conditions. Candanabala, a princess, Sold as a slave, shackled and shaved by the jealous wife of a rich merchant, fulfilled all the conditions except weeping. Bhagavan Mahavira turned his face away at the last moment without accepting her humble alms. This made Candanabala weep and the last condition being realized, Bhagavan Mahavira accepted the alms.

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Title: Tirthankara Bhagawan Mahavira
Artist: Gokuldas Kapadia
Publishers: Jain Sanskruti Kala Kendra & Shri Parshwa Padmavati Trust, Bombay

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