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Posted: 30.05.2015

Tirthankara Bhagawan Mahavira 20

20. Various Incidents From The Life Of Bhagavan Mahavira

In this picture five pictures are depicted two above, three below.

In the first incident the king Siddhartha, the father of Bhagavan Mahavira is shown seriously ill. He himself is conscious. However the members of his family and his own offspring’s desire him to have a peaceful death and attain salvation. Devoted Bhagavan Mahavira inspires his father to conquer delusion, attachment to life and become introspective and server all worldly relations by becoming indifferent to everything and request all souls to forgive him if he had harmed them in any way and be calm by reciting ‘Navakara Mantra’. It is called Nijamana (Niryamana) in Jaina terminology.

In the second incident both the brothers are insisting on each other to accept the responsibility of the kingdom. Bhagavan Mahavira devoted to his mother even while he was in her womb had decided not to take a religious vow for Diksha-initiation till his parents were alive. His promise being fulfilled, he requested his elder brother to permit him for initiation. His elder brother asked him to wait for some time.

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