Tirthankara Bhagawan Mahavira ► 18. Prince Vardhamana With The Members Of His Family

Posted: 28.05.2015

Tirthankara Bhagawan Mahavira 18

18. Prince Vardhamana With The Members Of His Family

The major important events in the life of Bhagavan Mahavira from the age of eight to the twenty-eighth are the following:

  1. marriage with Yasoda, the daughter of a feudatory king Samaravira;
  2. birth of a daughter named Priyadarsana and
  3. the final fast unto Death by his parents.

The illustration depicts a scene from his domestic life. King Siddhartha and queen Trisala are seated at the center, With Priyadarsana stated on her lap. To their right are seated Nandivardhana, the elder brother and Bhagavan Mahavira, With a halo round his head and a scroll of palm-leaf manuscript in front. To their left are the wives of Nandivardhana and prince Vardhamana. It is evening and after the recitation of scripture, the customary prayers, accompanied by music have commenced. The musicians are stated facing the king and the queen.

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