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The Support Of Faith: 85 ►Life and Livelihood: A Question

Published: 29.03.2020

There are some ingredients in the soil and water of India, which connect this country with spiritualism. Several countries of the world associate themselves with other countries by exporting consumable goods. India was such a country from where spirituality and values of life were transmitted. Today why this country is becoming barren? Why the fertilizer for springing up the values of life has become so devoid of ingredients by adulterating itself with chemical fertilizer? Whether Buddha, Mahaveer, Gandhi and Acharya Bhikshu will not be born now on this earth?

English people came to India. They were to stabilize their existence and promote their policy. For this purpose, they changed educational policy. They were aware of the fact that only by means of educational policy, any society or nation can be converted into new design. English people left, but the effect of elements, they mixed in educational policy, has not meagre till now. After independence, educationists contributed their thoughts many a times, Government constituted several commissions, “but no change was observed in educational policy.

Method of education is not correct. This fact is being told by the President, Prime Minister, Education Commission, and Secretary to Education Department and common people of India. But for the first time we told a new thing that the educational policy of India is correct. Then the question arose if educational policy is correct, why perfect men are not being shaped? We told—there is no factory for shaping a perfect man. Then how perfect man will evolve? So many good doctors, engineers, scientists are coming out from our colleges and universities. If the method of education would have been faulty, specialists in their own field could not have emerged. We should accept the fact that our educational system is not faulty, rather it is haphazard. In order to remove the disorganized state of education, we have to incorporate the human values with the basic elements of education. If this work is done systematically, neither it will interrupt anybody nor will it be burden to the students.

Student of today loses his balance for petty things. He is neither satisfied with his present status nor he is assured of his future.

The number of unemployed degree holders is increasing. In this situation their education becomes the shackle of their legs. An educated youth then suffers from deep complex and is unsuccessful to earn his livelihood. He forgets his life for livelihood. We, however, recognize the necessity of livelihood for life. But if life is meant for livelihood only, the cause of life becomes secondary. Consequent upon the weightage given to secondary things as prime things and prime things to secondary things, the incidents which are happening will continue to occur until man will not combine the values of life with the education for leading a meaningful life.


Title:  The Support Of Faith

Acharya Tulsi


Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha

Publisher:  Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing: 
Amit Kumar Jain

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