The Support Of Faith: 30 ►Winning over the Aspirations

Published: 08.02.2020

Man takes his breath in the world of aspirations. He has multi- furious aspirations. Aspirations have an impact on his mind that constitutes his life. His belief is also guided by the aspirations. He supposes that good aspiration orients his life and bad aspirations pervert it. On the basis of this belief he thrashes the aspiration, tries to get himself devoid of aspiration and leaves everything to the fate of aspiration.

Man is surrounded by aspirations, this is true. But aspiration is the ultimate thing, this is not true. Aspiration cannot be deleted, this is also true. But we should not be afraid of it. Legs of the king were thorned. He felt pain. The king ordered the Minister to cover the road by leather. Minister said, ‘Your Highness! Your order will be complied with, but then how farming will be possible‘? How water will be ejected?” The king asked, “then will these thorns will go on pinching?’ The Minister said, ‘Your Highness! The earth cannot be leathered. These thrones will not trouble you. The king agreed with the logic of the Minister. Your legs will be covered by leather.”

There are five types of lust in the world—Words, profile, relishment, smell and touch. Affiliating with the same causes trouble and non-involvement with the same give desirous result Man lives in between these situations. If he thinks that affiliation with them will definitely harm him, such thought is not appropriate, because these cannot be waved out. So long they remain aspirations will also be framed. Instead of waving them out, the idea of diminishing the affiliation is appropriate. In order to avoid the -feeling of affiliation, brain is to be trained, mind is to be controlled. If mind is under control, aspiration will not matter much.

Gist of thought, conscience and manliness is not to go towards wrong directions even in the midst of aspirations. The mind of those men which is not perverted, even in the circumstances of perversion, they become patient, brave and serious. It is the will- power that generates patience, bravery and seriousness. It springs out of heartily relationship and acclimatization.

The era which is full of impure aspirations may harden the financial purity, but cannot make it so impossible. If hardship is nowhere, any person may become a moralist. In course of time, the wolf may also be a saint. In the first stages of life, it is definitely a remarkable thing to become a saint. Similarly, even in the situation of aspirate demolition, up gradation of him is the successful achievement of life. I am fully convinced that with the urge of will-power and habituation, a person can win over the aspirations.


Title:  The Support Of Faith

Acharya Tulsi


Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha

Publisher:  Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing: 
Amit Kumar Jain

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