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Published: 01.02.2020

Fertile is the land, bountiful is the crop. If land is not fertile, however advanced seeds, sufficient irrigation and required fertilizer may we use, we may not get a good harvest. We do not get harvest from fields alone. We get harvest from our family life as well. Our children are our harvest. To make a good harvest of our progeny, we depend on different elements of physical as well as social environments of our land and people. However, great men can take birth at any place or in any age, but India has been especially privileged to be the motherland of great personalities. Great saints, seers, wise men, thinkers, philanthropists and men of letters took birth in India. They all continue to be identified as our role models. Some of those personalities enabled India remain as a land of spiritual experiment through their great contributions to the field. The soil of India is charged enough to inspire people to rise to greater heights. This is why in India there had always been such people who followed the path of spiritual enlightenment in spite of the prevailing atmosphere of valuelessness and -showed the path to the coming generation.

The authentic people whose words and deeds are in agreement, who value more to their reputation than the material gains possess courage to sacrifice everything for the sake of their values. Such people, even in the most difficult times, do not deviate from their rightful path.

Such great men do not negotiate with unfair practices, Even if their near and dear ones suffered from illness, they do not resort to procure medicines from black market. They pass through critical moments when on the one hand there is the question of life and death of their family member and on the other hand there are and unfair means to adopt in order to meet the crisis. They sacrifice the precious life of their people but do not negotiate with their values.

Such people are not subject to material allurement. If a tricause - is unearthed from their site they inform the authorities and do not think to take that away. Thus, they accept miseries but do not adopt unfair means to acquire wealth. Are they not a living embodiment of the by gone Sate yuga in the present Kali yuga. Such men have lived on this holy land of India in this century itself and I call them —authentic ones (प्रामाणिक प्रवर).

While making a study of the present situation and leading personalities of the age, I find solid reasons to believe that you can never separate spirituality from India’s thought and action. Spiritual behaviour may remain silent but can never die. Ups and downs have been the feature of every age. Violence, dishonesty, war and struggles have always been there in every age. As long as selfishness remains in us, ills in one or the other form will remain there. There has been no age in our history when life was led on the positive values of non-violence and truthfulness alone. It is not possible, perhaps, that there would be an age when these positive values would cease to exist. We simply wish that let untruth not prevail on truth. For this we have to bring forward such fearless people have vowed not to surrender before injustice, whatever might be the consequences.


Title:  The Support Of Faith

Acharya Tulsi


Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha

Publisher:  Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing: 
Amit Kumar Jain

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