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The Support Of Faith: 03 ►Realization of Yugadharma

Published: 22.01.2020

What is Anuvrata? It is futile to ask such question now. This is a because for the last four decades Anuvrat has transcended the boundaries of the nations and reached across the seas. In spite that there might be a number of such people in the country for whom Anuvrata still needs no introduction. On the contrary, there might be equally a good number of people for whom Anuvrata, though requires no introduction, but an experience of it is certainly required. Still, a good number of people are there for whom Anuvrata has never been a subject of serious consideration. There is no dearth of such people who have discussed the theme of Anuvrata but have to realize that. In such a situation, it is essential to discuss the concept of Anuvrata at regular intervals.

The history of world religions has account of various religions including Sanatana, Jaina, Baudha, Persian, Sikha, Christian and Zoroastrian. There is of course no religion as Manava Dharma (religion of humanity). History has records of many religions that were responsible for making mass destruction and great divide of humanity. There is no reference of single religion that could bring about peace and reunion of divided society. Why? Can there not be a religion that stood for unity of all human beings on the planet?

I wish Anuvrata to be such a religion. Though it is not a religion in technical sense, it has no affiliation to any sect in this respect I have no hesitation to accept that Anuvrata is though a religion has not confined to any sect, race or creed. Individuals from any colour and caste can practice their respective religion and remain in Anuvrat fold. In this regard, Anuvrat can be called as a religion having no communal base.

A religion having no defined communal base, can reach to all societies and to all human beings. Considering these features of Anuvrat in mind, we can identify it as Yuga dharma. Yuga dharma has no rituals or dogmas. It does not subscribe to the concept of a defined place of worship like a Temple, a Mosque, a Gurudwara, a Church et al. and the like. A religion having barriers can hardly be a religion of an individual or of a group. Yuga dharma is one that can be accepted by anyone without inhibition. It does not bear label of any particular individual or group. Such religion does not talk about rituals, talks about right conduct. Anuvrata is an endeavour to purify conduct. Therefore, Yuga dharma is secular, universal and human in character.


Title:  The Support Of Faith

Acharya Tulsi


Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha

Publisher:  Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing: 
Amit Kumar Jain

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