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Published: 09.04.2020

Explaining the personality of man and animal, some such facts may reveal which question the excellence of man. Man is the best creature of the world, this is.a concept. Elements which are instrumental to this concept are - thoughtful nature, conscience, research and capacity of application, religious preaching and concentrated effort for salvation etc. On the, basis of these capacities, man is climbing to the ladders of development. Surpassing the obstacles of the route, he is going ahead. His achievement is enchanting. What he could not even think himself, is marvellously done by him after five-seven decades. This is his regulatory aspect.

If we study the restraining factors of man, it appears that he should not do a lot of work, but he does so. Man’s attitude to do undesirable work alike theft, robbery, cheating etc. brings his humanity down. Increasing habit of intoxication is very injurious. Possibly nobody thinks about its seriousness. Bidi-Cigarette, bhang, opium, ganza are such things which are regularly taken for long time. Now these things have become obsolete. In their-place new things are being invented. We are not even acquainted with so many things. We hear the name of some -thing from the people or read about them. We feel ashamed for the intellect of the manufacturers of these things.

Why people make such drugs like smoke, heroine, marijuana, hashish, warrichurdas, enthasamaisin etc. which are highly intoxicant? The secret market (तस्कर बाजार) of these intoxicant things is expanding remarkably. These things which are harming the man economically, physically, mentally and emotionally, are becoming the part and parcel of present younger generation. As per a report of World Health Organisation (WHO), at least ten lakh people die untimely due to smoking. More than One million people of the world which have the population of more than five million are habituated to smoking. Passive smoking i.e., to live in the smoky air is very injurious to health. It is causing diseases like lung cancer, heart diseases, high blood-pressure etc.

Now the question arises—how the culture of intoxication germinated? Which are the reasons instigating man to that direction? If we look into the reasons, it is revealed that no such thing is inevitable. Talking with the people, who are intoxicated, clearly reveal some facts. On that basis, it can be said that man steps towards intoxication due to reasons like mentality of imitation, curiosity, regard for their mates or under the pressure of their mates, mentality to enjoy, desire to get rid of agony, fatigue or harassment, loneliness, unhappiness, tension, friction etc.

Once a person is under the clutch of intoxication, it is beyond his control to get rid of the same. Unless its addiction is intense, it can be left out. Even after addiction, sometimes man is awakened. Then he desperately jumps and comes out of its clutch. During any travel, I have freed thousands of persons from intoxication. When they throw out the bundle of bidi- cigarette or break chillunis by inner instinct, the belief of mine is confirmed that if man is guided properly, he can be changed.

Man falls ill. He goes to the doctor. He takes medicines. He gets his disease treated. He is cured. Today people, suffering from disease due to intoxication approach the doctor. Doctor gives them medicines and also advises them to ‘leave the habit of intoxication He also gets some experiments applied People experimenting such applications sincerely and people with bold will-power are successful to come out of the clutch of intoxication. It is a good sign.

Some people alternatively consume flavoured and tasty things and are successful to change their habit of addiction. Some people opine that mouth becomes tasteless due to the habit of consuming tobacco with mouth-spray. It can change man’s mind. One can get rid of the habit of intoxication by experimenting the use of Relaxation-Therapy, Acupuncture and Meditation. A person is freed from the habit of intoxication by getting him meditated at Apramad Kendra (अप्रमाद क्रेंद्र) through Prekshadhyan (प्रेक्षाध्यान) method.

Smoking bidi-cigarette, drinking wine or tea or taking any other drugs is intoxication. We can get rid of it. Only one condition is that a person should be mentally prepared for the same. Person, whose will-force and resolution is weak, how can he do any daring work? It is difficult to climb to the top of Everest, but it is more difficult to come down from the Himalaya of intoxication. Younger generation should hold this true flag in their strong hands and hoist it on the foundation of values. Then they may be successful.


Title:  The Support Of Faith

Acharya Tulsi


Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha

Publisher:  Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing: 
Amit Kumar Jain

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