The Support Of Faith: 51 ►Truth derived from religious treatise and truth derived from experience

Published: 27.02.2020

Man wants to do something in his life. He also wants to establish himself. There are so many goals before him. Sometimes he is committed to any goal. Sometimes his thought is puzzled in goals. Sometimes he is fully attached. Sometimes his detachment becomes overruling. In this situation he cannot build any definite outlook for himself. That is why he seeks guidance from elders, teachers and knowledgeable persons.

There may be so many ways. Some ways are spiralled and some are straight. Some ways are clean and in some ways thorns are scattered. Person desires to go on a route which is straight and clean. But he should not forget that each straight route does not help him to reach destination. Without puzzling him in the thought that the route is straight or spiralled—it is necessary to know about the path which is linked with destination.

First and last aspiration of any man is peace. He wants to live in outerly peaceful environment and wants inner peace also sometimes it apparently appears that the person is in peace but his inner self is being disturbed. It is so because he is unaware of the measures to have peace. Bhagwan Mahaveer has prescribed that non-violence is undoubtedly the best measure to have peace.

What is non-violence? It is the playground to put forth good deeds. Shrill wind is blowing to scatter the molecules of sin. The world is like a boat for the creatures flowing in the sea. Cloud is there for fire like luxury. Female attendant is there to indicate properties. Nishaini (निसैनी) is there to enter into heaven. Argala (अर्गला) is there for evil deeds. Dedicated submission to such glorious Goddess of non-violence certainly showers peace on the person.

Some people want to grow plant of peace on the earth of violence. It is not only difficult, rather impossible. Acharya Somprav Suri has written—even stone may wet in water, the Sun may rise in the west, fire becomes cool, earth topples, but get there is no chance of attaining righteous action or peace by violence.

This sermon is not only the truth derived from religious treatise but it is the truth derived from experience. In order to transform this truth into the truth of oneself, research and the use of non- violence is required. If each person is trained properly, problem of violence, terror or unrest may be solved.


Title:  The Support Of Faith

Acharya Tulsi


Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha

Publisher:  Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing: 
Amit Kumar Jain

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