The Support Of Faith: 57 ►Supporting Hands to Brighten the Country

Published: 03.03.2020

Power, Duty, Negligence and Responsibility——these are four words. When there is conflict between Power and Duty, sometimes Power conquers and sometimes Duty. When feeling of Power suppresses duty, person even mutualises the power. When the feeling of duty is not realised, power is gained, even after not aspiring for it. It is used not for personal interest, but for collective interest.

There is also conflict between negligence and responsibility. What for me when anything is done wrong or correct? People with such negligent attitude are not few. Only some persons can realize and feel their responsibility. There are two types of responsibilities - Imposed and accepted. Imposition of responsibility may be automatic or it may be through outer aspects. In both the situations a person cannot be honest to his responsibility. Person accepting the responsibility whole heartedly can only be committed to fulfil it. If there is some slackness in fulfilling the responsibility, he is so disturbed that he is not in a position to do any work perfectly.

There are separate angles of responsibility. Man is bound by personal, family-related, social, institutional, national and international responsibilities. It is only to be understood that whether he is fulfilling it honestly or he takes it as burden. If it would merely be helpful to shoulder the responsibilities, manliness would not be required at all. Election Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha in India are near at hand. About twenty-two thousand candidates are contesting for the tenth Loksabha and Vidhan Sabhas. It is certain that person who is contesting all of them will not capture power.

How many candidates, who are contesting the election will win and how many will be defeated. In this context, assumptions are being made. But it is difficult to make any decisive forecast. It is not at all relevant to talk about victory or defeat. First of all it is to be known that people, who are inclined to rule over the country, whether they are, awake to fulfil their responsibility. What is being said in the election manifesto, whether fifty percent of the same will be adhered? Assurance, which are given in the election meetings, whether they remain in the memory after winning election? As such it is said that to assume responsibility is one thing but its fulfillment is another thing. If those people who have assumed the responsibility to present peaceful and bright future, are awake to fulfil their responsibility with utmost honesty and full dedication, our country can turn around.


Title:  The Support Of Faith

Acharya Tulsi


Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha

Publisher:  Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing: 
Amit Kumar Jain

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