The Support Of Faith: 10 ►Why the Maker of Machines turns into a Machine?

Published: 25.01.2020

Man stands stranded amidst difficulties. He has learnt how to live with difficulties. He has made adjustments with difficulties. If he is living at a footpath, he is contended with that. He simply wishes that on one fine morning someone might dislodge him from there. If one depends on "begging he simply wishes that let there be no ban on begging. Had there -not been such a compromising temperament of mind, deprived people would have brought about revolution long-long ago. It is essential here to find out how and why people are not willing to make a change even after experiencing complete absence of civic amenities and minimum requirement for sustaining a dignified life? It is necessary to find out what are the elements responsible for impairing man’s consciousness. Why people are unable to speak out?

India is said to be a land of religion. It is a matter of concern that the country where religion is valued, spirituality is respected and character is considered to be the greatest wealth, is losing its moral ground. An individual does, so even a nation possesses character. An individual is valued on the basis of his national character. Conversely, it is the individual's character that collectively builds a nation's character. The challenges that we are faced with today are mainly related to the gradual decline of virtuous character. It is the character that gives strength to an individual and the strength of an individual supports his character. Character is not an embellishment. It cannot be used as an added qualification. It is, in fact, an integral part of life.

So long an individual does not realize his capacity, he feels himself meek and weak. He has power inherently, but fails to apply that. Along with a healthy body, he is blessed with a critical and rational mind. In spite of that, he fails to distinguish between chalk and cheese. He becomes a follower. He does not find interest in duties worth doing and takes pleasure in doing prohibited things. Thus, he finishes his journey without attaining his destination.

Protection of humanity is the greatest task before man. Renunciation, control, action, courage, patience, humility, tolerance are the virtues that can protect humanity. We are more interested in building roads, factories, buildings, dams, schools, hospitals but take little interest in inculcating values that support life. Man is busy in nourishing his body, but forgets in removing the fatigue of his soul. In such a situation, what type of life he would be bequeathing to his progeny. Outwardly, a mechanical life may appear attractive. But that would not help us in making our soul flourish with Satya, Shiva and Sunder (the truth, the good and the beautiful). Machines have their own usefulness. But please think if the maker of a machine begins behaving like a machine, it would be a paradox. Man has to behave not like a machine but like a wilful human being. The freedom guided by his self-restraint would make his lifestyle filled with human values.


Title:  The Support Of Faith

Acharya Tulsi


Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha

Publisher:  Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing: 
Amit Kumar Jain

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