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Published: 30.01.2020

Once upon a time Prabhati (a type of song sung early in the morning) was used to be sung for making the children rise. In this age the mother calls her children “Get up, Hurry up, It is bath time.” The custom of chanting mantras and contemplation is declining. People now do not like to wish their elders with Namaskar Mudra and bow down before their gurus or elder in reverence. Handshake and letting bye-bye has become a preferred way of greeting one-another. Such style to greet has now become a way of modernity. The growing tendency to accept new things indiscriminately is eating away the discerning feature of our cultural heritage. The disagreement between old and new is not something new. However, it is not a desirable thing. It is not that all things are bad and has no use. It is also not equally true that all new and novel things are not always acceptable. I have been known as a protagonist of newness. That is not true. I have never endorsed to discard relevant things that our past has bequeathed us. I do not advocate that new practices should replace old and useful practices.

Humility and discipline has been the essence of Indian wisdom Spiritual quest cannot progress without the support of these virtues. Our scriptures nave numerous examples establishing the significance of these elements. The truth propounded in Scriptures carry no meaning unless they are translated into action in our day- to-day life it appears that in place of establishing these values in our life, they are being discarded. There is no concern for assimilating those virtues in our life. How deep such virtue go into the practical life of a student throughout his journey from primary to degree classes is well-known to all of us. It is very difficult to address such questions. If the students cultivate-good habits like modesty and obedience at early stage of education, life may get transformed.

Man understands with respect to matter, sculpture, art etc., has changed considerably. In the name of modernity, he has been accepting primitive things and fashion. Once men led simple life. Gradually, civilization trailed on the path of development. Form changed embellishments changed, Eating habits, too, changed. Lifestyle also followed suit. Whatever was accepted in a sense of obsession for modernity disgusted us. Then we turned towards our values eternal. Is it a progress or a regress? Had India been able to defend her cultural heritage? Who is there to think about all such things? Businessmen are concerned for their business. Business agents are worried for their interest. Attracted by new names and packing, man is wandering in his hoary past.

Humility and discipline are life’s eternal values. Disregard to these values is a disregard to life itself. Growing indiscipline in students, disintegration of families, hypotactic behaviour in serial circle, growing state of anarchy in the country are indicators of a bleak future. If man wishes to make his present better than his past and future better than his present, he should attach importance of humility and discipline in life. Maryada Mahotsav of Terapanth is an occasion to celebrate humility and discipline. On the foundation of those virtues only the edifice of the Panth can be erected and will last long. As the bygone age’s costumes and ornaments have found place in life, if humility and discipline could find place in life, the new generation would be able to get its direction.


Title:  The Support Of Faith

Acharya Tulsi


Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha

Publisher:  Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing: 
Amit Kumar Jain

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