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Published: 02.02.2020

Truth has two aspects—-absolute and relative. Absolute truth does not change with respect to time and space, whereas the relative truth does. Absolute truth is universal, but relative truth relates to a particular place. Absolute truth is universally applicable to all. Anuvrat is an absolute truth. It had been as relevant in the past as it is in present. Till the world has a need of morality and character, Anuvrat will remain relevant.

Anuvrat as a term is not something that cannot be changed. It may be known by another name. However, the values that it propagates are absolute. Character, self-control, morality, honesty, freedom from addiction etc. are the values that Anuvrat tries to inculcate. These values are timeless and have no ideological ability. These values shall be guiding the destiny of the generations to come.

Anuvrat is a philosophy of life. It is a spiritual thought. It is a religious path and moral way of life. Indian culture recognizes the life based on religious and ethical principles. Religion is like lifeblood for social life. A life devoid of religious tomb is like 3 bodies devoid of life. Keeping in mind this very truth, the wise men have said:

यस्य धर्मविहीनानि दिनान्यायांति च
स: लौहकारभास्त्रेव श्वसनपि ना जीवति

(A man devoid of religious outlook is a man for the sake of name only. He lives but his life is of no use. As a bellow he only breathes in and breathes out but does not live a life. A man without religious temperament is a man without spirit.)

One can ask then what religion all about is. Religion that the scriptures preach religion that a place of worship stands for, religion that is practiced—what is exactly this religion? I believe no religion of the above type can infuse spirit into life. How does a religion that itself has no spirit can motivate a person? The religion can infuse spirit into life can be understood from the life of a pious man, can be found in his noble actions and discipline of sense organs. A religious ceremony that preach piousness of heart, nobility in action and discipline in behavior can certainly make a life spirited.

Anuvrat is a Dharma. However, it is free from sectarian considerations. It is a universal Dharma. It does not intend to initiate you in any sect or cult. It intends to help you realize yourself and thereby lead you to the higher strata of humanity. We have prescribed the do's and don't s of Anuvrat having such goal in mind. One can practice one’s religious beliefs and still remain in Anuvrat. The only condition is that, he has to follow the Anuvrat code of conduct. Indifference to human values is the greatest ill of any age. If man has to make his present better than the past and make his life purposeful, he has to adopt the values eternal. With a sense disrespect for the eternal, one can never advance in life. I firmly can believe that a man having faith in truth eternal can realize it and can lead a life fully dedicated to values, even in this dark age of valuelessness.


Title:  The Support Of Faith

Acharya Tulsi


Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha

Publisher:  Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing: 
Amit Kumar Jain

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