The Support Of Faith: 35 ►How can the Darkness of Mind be ousted?

Published: 13.02.2020

The professor asked the students, “Where does the sun go at night?” One student stood up and replied “Sir! It does not go anywhere, rather not appears in darkness.” Reply of the student even not being correct, is meaningful. If darkness clusters around a person, his eyesight also becomes useless. Outer darkness makes man so helpless that the point of internal darkness has no meaning. Unless the internal darkness is ousted, a person cannot identify his destination.

In this world as the light has its presence so is the existence of darkness. Man welcomes light, but he is afraid of darkness. He can lighten the lamp, utilize electricity to overcome outer darkness, but the darkness of his mind which is becoming thick, who will lighten the lamp of spirituality to delete it.

In the life of man, there are flowers and thorns too. He is delighted to see the smile of flowers but puzzled by the sting of thorns. Thorns on the earth can be swept out. One can put on shows on legs to check them or the route can also be changed. But the heaps of thorn around the footprint of man’s mind who has the time to cut or sweep it.

Pleasure and displeasure are linked with each other. If the cycle of displeasure after pleasure and pleasure after displeasure did not exits lit would have been difficult to live life. Unhappiness is also a motivation in itself. Still man dreams happiness and runs away from the shadow of unhappiness. He feels the success of his life in happiness, while he is depressed in the situation of unhappiness. We may have the facilities to remove the pain of physique, take the assistance of the physician, but the flame of unhappiness which is smouldering in the mind and heart of the man, what is the process to put it out?

If any person thinks that he will oust the darkness of his mind and heart by virtue of some external force, sweep the thorns spread in his life path and will transform his unhappiness into happiness, he is utterly confused. Person in search of support from others and dependent on him, can never reach to his destination. Person who relies on his manliness live life by manly vigour and makes his manly nature as an integral part of his personality, his path becomes the destination, success knocks at his door and he is able to direct his life towards new dimension.

I firmly believe that the person having the blazing torch of ‘Anuvrat’ in his life will never face darkness. Person who has the broom of noble feeling, no thorn will disturb his path and the person who has the sandalwood of patience, flame of tragedy will never bum him. In order to achieve these things there is no need to go here and there. If man knows his capabilities and makes proper use of it and perform his duty calmly and without any temptation, The flame inside him may emerge itself. Such flame will not only enlighten the life of man, but can dazzle the entire world too.


Title:  The Support Of Faith

Acharya Tulsi


Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha

Publisher:  Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing: 
Amit Kumar Jain

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