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Published: 09.04.2020

A meaningful debate is going on regarding food since last few years. One of the issues of argument is—whether egg is a vegetarian food? So many knowledgeable persons, including the doctors; regard egg as vegetarian and they favour this opinion. Attractive advertisements are being telecast which advocate for eating eggs. Ill and weak persons are being advised to eat eggs as nutritious food. What is happening? Whether is it not direct assault on vegetarian culture and civilization?

Whether there is an element of creature within egg or not – is a separate question. In our opinion, eggs may be lively or lifeless. But even though they are lifeless or dead, how they can be counted in the category of vegetarian food. Eggs may be of two types- NISHECHIT and ANISHECHIT (निषेचित और अनिषेचित) Second type of eggs may be lifeless. But what is the basis of supposing them as vegetarian food? This is an undisputable fact that eggs do not come under any category of vegetables. They are germinated by; creatures and they are born by creatures. As such the concept of vegetarian-idea cannot be entertained.

Egg is a living thing. This truth is proved by a fact—existence of -fifteen thousand mini holes for respiration within egg-cell. Lifeless material never respires. Respiratory function does not happen in lifeless body. In egg-cell, respiratory function goes on naturally. So where is the scope to suspect their living existence?

Lively and lifeless feature of egg—this is another point of argument. Second point is whether they are edible or not-edible. In the culture of those countries where there is no discrimination between edible and non-edible things, they can take anything as food. But in a country like India where distinct clarification has been made regarding edible and non-edible things, how a non- edible material can be accepted blindly. So far as the question of nutritious food is concerned, data of the research done in this respect is surprising. It is said that the proportion of protein, waga, mineral, salt, calcium, carbohydrate, phosphorus, iron etc. is more in vegetables and other materials than their quantity as found in an egg. There is also much deference in the volume of calories. If we deeply study the data available in this context, attraction towards eggs will vanish instantly.

Egg is not edible. In order to confirm this fact the first proof is—it is a none—vegetarian-food. Second proof is the attack of diseases generated by it. It is supposed that the volume of cholesterol is much more in eggs. Possibility of many diseases by eating it cannot be ignored. On one side plenty of cholesterol and on another side scarcity of carbohydrate. How can the body be balanced? While comparing milk with egg, we forget that the volume of calcium contained in milk is higher as compared to egg.

Culture of, poultry-form is the culture originated from commercial brain. A person with business-skill may eam money, but cannot prevent the harm to health. Harmful medicines, which are given to the hens of poultry form, have their effect on eggs. Similarly chemicals being used for them, definitely have their adverse effects either directly or indirectly. After being aware of the adverse effects of any food-material, how far it is justified to utilize the same proudly. Serious discussion is required on this issue.

People advocating eggs in the name of energy, tonic and vitamins—an example is presented before them. This relates to the time of Mahatma Gandhi. In a meeting of Congress, a proposal was to be deliberated regarding Satyagraha Movement. The report on the basis of which proposal was to be written was lost under caps of files. Gandhiji asked Rajendra Babu—'Have you read the report? Do you remember anything?' Ralendra Babu said, 'YesI had read the report. I may dictate it.'

While the report was being searched, Rajendra Babu was dictating it. He had got so many pages dictated. Then the original copy of the report was found. Both the reports were tallied, they were quite the same. Nehruji said Rajendra Babu satirically- ‘Rajendra Babu! How marvellous is your brain? Where did you get it?’ Rajendra Babu said smilingly, ‘It is not the brain of egg, but of milk.’ Nehruji used to eat eggs. Hearing the simple, straight and touching reply of Rajendra Babu, he tracked himself aside.


Title:  The Support Of Faith

Acharya Tulsi


Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha

Publisher:  Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing: 
Amit Kumar Jain

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