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The Support Of Faith: 54 ►Crisis of Scattered Values

Published: 01.03.2020

Life is a raw soil full of unending possibilities. It is the world of a potter to make the soil useful by giving it a desired shape. Similarly it is the work of man to lift the life to such heights that it may turn into desired level. In some angles human life is considered more important and valuable than that of heavenly life. This importance and value-oriented approach is not related with material achievements. Importance of human life relies on spiritual upliftment and development of human values. There are so many turnings of this upliftment and development. Firm will-power is essential to go ahead of each turning.

Man, may he be religious or not, may he has faith in soul or supreme soul, he may agrees or disagrees with pre-birth or re-birth, he should however, take recourse to non-violence as far as possible for solving any problem. Violence cannot sort out any problem permanently. People trying to sort out a problem through violence have instigated the problem much more. In view of this fact, people should have faith on the power of non-violence and should use it with utmost belief.

Religion without morality, prayer without sound character and imagination to upgrade the life in the world beyond, without purification of present life is something like paradox. Person can only be religious by following moral path. Only the person should have the right to pray whose character is sound. Instead of wandering aimlessly to improve the life of the world beyond, attention should be concentrated on purifying the present life. In order to proceed towards religious direction, this path is safe.

India became independent. Along with the independence of the country, a moral campaign named ‘Anuvrat’ started. This campaign was welcomed in the form of human code of conduct. This campaign was carried out against communal jealousy, violent disturbance of destination, bribery, adulteration, sale-purchase of votes, drinking of intoxicative things, social ill practices etc. created a congenital environment. But it could not spring out required result due to limited materials and in the absence of planned publicity system. Today when the above said problems are becoming complex, it is necessary to intensify ‘Anuvrat’ programme.

Human unity, peaceful co-existence, friendship, social system devoid of exploitation, setting up international moral values, support of universal disarmament etc. are the sole base of healthy democracy. It is required that non-violence political efforts are made so that these elements may be a part and parcel of public life.

Religion and Politics are two different factors. There should not be any misconception to unite them or treat them as unified. People have witnessed its adverse consequence. In this context it is not at all desirable to inject politics into religion. It is mostly necessary to have control of religion over politics.

On the one side, country is facing the problem of poverty, unemployment and unfavourable time, but on the other there are the problems of affluence, luxury and wastage of money. People of the country are living their life in utmost discrepancies. Some people living in the same country are spending their money profusely and some are starving. This imbalance should not be overlooked and an amicable solution should be found out.

I politely suggest to religious preachers and leaders that they should carry out their responsibilities seriously. Today the most alarming crisis is the crisis of values. We should lead our followers to move in the direction of moral values. They should save them from violence and communalism. They should inspire them to flourish mutual amicability and goodwill and try to safeguard humanity. This may solve many problems.


Title:  The Support Of Faith

Acharya Tulsi


Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha

Publisher:  Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing: 
Amit Kumar Jain

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