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Anuvrat, Anuvratas, Anuvrats, Aṇuvrats, Aṇūvrata

small vows (anu, atom)

Twelve vows to be carried out by the householder:

A) Compilation by Pravin K. Shah, Jain Study Center of North Carolina:

1 Ahimsa Anuvrat Non-violence Anuvrat (Sthula Pranatipat Viraman) Main Vow of Limited Nature
2 Satya Anuvrat Truthfulness Anuvrat (Sthula Mrisavada Viraman) Main Vow of Limited Nature
3 Achaurya Anuvrat Non-stealing Anuvrat (Sthula Adattadana Viraman) Main Vow of Limited Nature
4 Bhramacharya Anuvrat Chastity Anuvrat (Sthula Maithuna Viraman) Main Vow of Limited Nature
5 Aparigraha Anuvrat Non-attachment Anuvrat (Sthula Parigraha Viraman) Main Vow of Limited Nature
6 Dik Vrata Limited area of activity vow Merit Vow (Guna-vrat)
7 Bhoga-Upbhoga Vrata Limited use of consumable and non-consumable items vow Merit Vow (Guna-vrat)
8 Anartha-danda Vrata Avoidance of purposeless sins vow Merit Vow (Guna-vrat)
9 Samayik Vrata Meditation vow of limited duration Disciplinary Vow (Siksha-vrat)
10 Desavakasika Vrata Activity vow of limiting space Disciplinary Vow (Siksha-vrat)
11 Pausadha Vrata Ascetic's life Vow of limited duration Disciplinary Vow (Siksha-vrat)
12 Atithi Samvibhaga Vrata Limited charity vow Disciplinary Vow (Siksha-vrat)

B) Compilation by JVB London:

1 Ahimsa-vrata Refrain from gross violence
2 Satya-vrata Refrain from gross untruth
3 Asteya-vrata Non-stealing
4 Brahma-vrata Celibacy
5 Aparigraha-vrata Non-possessiveness & non-attachment
6 Dig-vrata Restriction in activities in various directions
7 Bhogopabhoga-parimana-vrata Limiting objects of daily use
8 Anartha-danda-vrata Refraining from negative activities (like gambling etc.)
9 Samayika-vrata Obtaining equanimity (contemplation)
10 Desavakasika-vrata Keeping limits on consumable and non-consumable goods for certain durations
11 Posadhopavasa-vrata
Fasting, praying and temporarily living like a monk or nun - in a spiritual place for at least 24 hours
12 Dana-vrata
Offering food and shelter to monks and nuns, helping fellow house-holders

The five great vows are adopted by monks.

see: Mahavratas


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