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Education for Bliss & Development: 51 ►How To Build The Child Generation?

Published: 24.06.2018

Question: The land of childhood is as clean as a paper. As the lines are drawn, exactly the same picture comes up. Do you have something in your mind regarding drawing new bars towards the hypothesis about child-world?
Answer: The child is completely empty, it is one sided approach. He comes along with his chromosomes and genes. He also has the effect of social environment and causes. But the child has ingredients of his own seeds of values. Ingredient and cause-adequate sum of these forms a beautiful sketch of child’s future. From this perspective it is concluded that all children will become cultured, is not perfect contemplation. If the acts are compact then efforts also doesn't makes the child cultured.

Even though after accepting the principle of karma, my definite believe is that the correct slate for drawing the cultural lines is childhood. There may be many children who develop well after getting favourable environment and inspiration. For this the children should be kept in a Gurukul kind of state that requires intensive effort. After paying so much attention also there is no such methodology as Gurukul, which helps in overall development of children. Hostels can be more useful than schools in terms of cultural development. In Jain Vishwa Bharati there is a conversation going on to start this methodology. If the work of cultural development runs under the supervision of qualified and deserving individuals then the new generation can be given a bright future with full of hope.

Question: Can the child world be refined from bad habits and criminal psychology with the help of religious platform?
Answer: There is a lot of simulation ability in children. Whatever they see, read or listen, they catch it very quickly. They follow themselves in the same way as the contemporary picture presented by today's media. In this context, the negligence by their parents is completely responsible for their misconduct. If the parents are alert and show their children the audio and video cassettes which inspire them in character building then building of good habits within them is possible.

As far as the question of religious forum, from there also some creative trends can be operated. The thing to be noted is that the trends should be attractive and psychologically shall leave favourable impact on children. The basic thing is that if the vine has to grow then it will grow. Whether there is any fence full of thorns or the wall, whatever holding will be there, it will grow along with that support. The children also have the same condition. They need support; if the support is best then their growth will be automatically upward.

Question: In the field of education the name of life science is becoming the topic of discussion. Is it going to increase the academic burden for the children?
Answer: Care has been taken from the starting period of the determination of the curriculum of life science that there should not be any extra pressure on minds of children. In this there is more emphasis on practical side along with the theory side. Such experiments are given to the children that help in increasing their concentration and they used to do more work in less time. This curriculum is the solution of many uprising problems in the field of education and it will lead the children not only emotional development but also intellectual development. This process is not boring as the curriculum is multidimensional and it also doesn't increase the burden on children.

There is a surprising change in the schools' children where the training of life science is being given. The children who used to get complaints related to indiscipline, naughtiness etc. is now admired by the teachers and parents after seeing the unexpected improvement in them. They are feeling that something new is happening. In the backdrop of the laudable response received for life sciences with little effort, one gets a feeling that this should be implemented in all the schools across the nation compulsorily. If this happens, there will be a real revolution in the field of education.

Question: Does Anuvrat (small vow), Preksha meditation and such other practices are effective only on the matured brain or is there any use of these practices to children also?
Answer: The matured brains are facing great difficulty in following the qualities of anuvrat (small vow) and Preksha meditation. These people only participate in the camps of Preksha meditation only when they need to attain any physical or emotional selfish motives. Children are entirely free from selfish and selfless perplexities. Whatever radiance they receive they utilize it completely. The initiative of life sciences is implemented keeping this in mind. This will make the children develop the practices of Anuvrat (small vow) and Preksha meditation, right away from their childhood. Therefore, I would like that prominence should be given to the children in this field.

Today the voice of adult education is on a higher pitch. The Government is allotting budget for this. Much work is being done in different places. But it is hard to say how valuable their effects are. Is it not better that more funds be diverted in making sure that no child is left illiterate? It is essential to concentrate more on this subject. If every child in this nation is literate and educated, then in the next 20 years, the gloom of illiteracy will end by itself.

Question: What is your opinion on the weaknesses of the current education system and the role of the new generation?
Answer: Importance is being given to make changes and improvements in the prevailing education system, considering the current system to be wrong. But we believe that the present education system is not wrong, but incomplete. Until the elements of patience, non-violence and emotional development is involved along with the education, only the intellectualism will grow but there will not be any growth in the human values.

The new generation should become intellectual, is the expectation of this age. But the first and foremost wish should be that they become cultured. For this, the teachers and guardians, have to be vigilant. The syllabi of life sciences are prepared to facilitate a balanced development of this generation. This provides for the development of a child in both theoretical and practical perspectives. Any child coming out of this system will be a good example for others in the field of education.

Question: The Government of Rajasthan is considering the implementation of moral education in education. What do you think about this?
Answer: The Government of Rajasthan had once previously also, considered and decided on the implementation of moral education. Chandanmalji Baid was the Education Minister at that time. There can be no disagreement on the implementation of moral education. The question here is how effective this would be? How can this be adhered with life? If the purpose of moral education would be met by books, speeches and the biographies of great people, then this would have been attained long ago. Because, such attempts have been done many times previous, are still on, and will continue.

Our flow of thought should be such that the perspective of moral education should concentrate essentially on both perspectives-theoretical and practical. If the student is just taught the theoretical aspects, he or she will remain just a part of the curriculum. Until the student is involved in the practical aspects, there will no possibilities of transformation in him. What we think is that if we include the new subject of life sciences along with the curriculum, not only moral education, but the aspirations ahead of the same will also be accomplished. The relationship of life sciences is not with biology, but with the art of living. This should involve less reading and more and more practical aspects. From the past few years, such practical experiments are on in many educational institutions. We have discussed in this regard with many educational officers. Based on their positive thoughts and on the scientific aspects of this subject, it can be said that this would become a good measure, if any officer in the capacity of survey or decision making on moral education, considers and understands life sciences.

Question: Is the initiative of life sciences is an imagination or has it been realistically practical? If this is realistic and practically true then why is this not being accepted extensively?
Answer: What is life science? It would be a lot better to make use of it rather than only verifying it in words,

'na hi kasturikagandha shapthen vibhavyate'-

There is a smell in musk, it appears on its own. There is no reason to take a vow just to experience it. Success is achieved beyond imagination; by schools that have made use of life science. The students have gained new energy in terms of character and discipline. As far as comprehensiveness is concerned, till now it has not been possible to build laboratories for life sciences. It has other means also to a limited extent. But it is my true belief that it will continue to make increasing developments and it can take the character of students to great heights.

Question: Today, student is of no importance until and unless he has a degree, no matter how dignified and honourable he may be. In such a situation should he not study for a degree? If not, then what else he may consider as a second option?
Answer: To study and to achieve a degree are two completely different things. The objectives for both differ after a certain point. When one person studies, his knowledge increases, he also becomes more experienced and capable. A capable person receives degree according to his capabilities. No sensible person will have any problems with this. But, the problem occurs when the question to achieve a degree arises. This is a weakness in the foundation. The main objective of human is to receive knowledge. How much can a person struggle to achieve a degree keeping in mind the objective of receiving education?

My opinion is very clear in this context. I understand that knowledge should not be linked with livelihood. Education is for life and life is for livelihood. Livelihood is not the objective but the result of knowledge. Receiving education being important for livelihood is a wrong belief in the minds of the people. Until and unless this irrational faith fades out human cannot be free from 'vyamoha'. Life gets easy by a degree; therefore a family man cannot say that a degree is not important. Its importance up to some extent is natural also. Therefore, we are not against achieving a degree but considering a degree to be of ultimate importance above all, achieving a degree without having the required capabilities and to give extra importance to a characterless person just because he has a degree is not correct from the ethical and righteous aspect. If a degree continues to add grace to the person holding it and an honourable and deserving person in turn adds grace to the degree, then there would be no expectations for a second option.

Question: Today the flood of unemployed, educated people in the country and in the education field is a big question mark. Can the practice of the new experiments on life sciences done by you render us free from this problem?
Answer: The problem of unemployment will continue to rise wherever there is no respect given to hard work irrespective of being educated or illiterate. Employment is related to hard work. How can anyone be readily attracted to hard work where it is considered as a spot on their dignity? Today's educated youth would rather like to just rest and order others than working hard themselves. Less work and more money - this mindset is on rise. Due to this thinking, even the employed cannot live in peace, then how can we expect the unemployed to be at peace?

Materialistic life style, more expectations, even more ambitions, callousness towards the employment that benefits the society, how can we expect a solution at this state? The practice of life sciences is not directly related to employment. But it is decided that by its practice we change the form of life. The form of life will change, the expectations of comfort and luxury will be limited, there will be less demand of substance and satisfaction will increase then the solution to the problem will slowly and steadily become prominent.

Question: The Jain University has received a class of being referred to as a reputed university. It is receiving praise and support from all the sides. What are its unique features such that the people could get attracted towards it rather than towards other universities?
Answer: It is our expectation that this university should achieve some exceptional work that is out of the line in the field of education. It should distribute degrees but they should not consider degree as a prime factor. There should be new experiments conducted here, human values and training on non-violence must be emphasized. The subjects taught to the students must include a balance study of non-violence, restraint and focus amongst others. Mental development and ignorance of degree cannot be aim of the University. Nevertheless, emotional growth and self development continues to get priority is necessary. The development and character of the students of Jain Vishwa Bharati University must be different to those from other universities, without which they will not stand out.

Human values are the brightest and most important aspect of a student's character-building. By strengthening this aspect, the unique character of students can be built. For this, Anuvrat (small vow), attention of security and Life Sciences are to be understood and leads life accordingly. It has also been agreed that the contribution of dedicated saints to this university is essential. Students must follow and lead their lives in Gurukul tradition and mould their lives accordingly.

Question: Is co-education not necessity looking at the importance of education and the current fiscal crisis in the country? Does the Indian student have a stronger and rounded character compared to students in other Western developed countries?
Answer: Time and circumstances are the relative questions of appropriateness of coeducation. Co-education should not have any objection to a certain stage. But in current changing and dynamic world, co-education beyond a certain limit can be more harmful. The social malaises such as despair and chaos spread across Western civil societies due to co-education will be replicated here again in Indian society and could not be stopped. Young minds do not give its consent to be in any order or discipline. Disorder emerging from indiscipline system causes chaos in the education system. Leaving boys and girls scot-free in semi mature situation is same as inviting problems. The issue of financial crisis raised often is a pretext. Why is the issue of financial crisis linked to education? There can be many ways to tackle this issue. From a certain viewpoint, the lack of education can be tolerable, but for life, disorderly hazardous education system cannot be tolerable. Some guidelines must be taught hand-in-hand with others but unrestrained contact and chaos must be avoided.

It is difficult to encapsulate the character of Indian students in a nutshell. The character-building of students is shaped by culture, company and surroundings. Students who imbibe good culture, good company and good surroundings turn out to be self-sufficient in character. Even a student brought up in Indian culture, will turn out to be characterless in lack of enculturation. I urge all Indian students to be the bearers of Indian values and traditions. They must be given moral and spiritual education in order to accomplish this. Those students who bear in mind, the country's situation and mould their character accordingly, stand to gain and become the best in character. To accomplish this, the students, the teachers, the protagonists and, policy makers must come together to implement strong values in the education domain.

Question: Some consider it necessary for children to be given sex education from an early age. Do you consider this important?
Answer: My approval would be conditional in this case. The student of the present era when compared with that of past is more confident and well-informed. Lifestyles have evolved to an extent where nothing is hidden from children. Without proper guidance and guidelines, children can veer off into dangerous and unchartered territory. In the name of modernity, all should not be told to them in their young age which could have wrong impact. Sex education can be imparted to children to a certain limit through a trained practitioner. I consider it inappropriate that children gain sex education from unauthorized sources, watch rated movies for adults and try to emulate from such sources.

Question: Is the notion that society gets corrupted through sex education is correct?
Answer: Man is a civilized being. So he likes to do things consciously whatever he says. When Indian society is not corrupted by proliferation of sex, then how can it be corrupted by sex education? In medieval times, Kamashastra was taught to Indian students. The goad of religion has recognized theory on work in Indian Kamashastra. The transitions from ignorance to knowledge, knowledge to self-realization spur the society to move forward and will progress without any obstacles.

Question: Did Lord Mahaveer present any psychological viewpoint on sex, which can be put into practice by the present generation of youth?
Answer: Lord Mahaveer elaborated on all points which touch life. Life should be lead without anger and hatred to add beauty in life. Deceitful behaviour is addictive. Deceit attracts elements that corrupt the mind and stick it to sole. In this, the pure state of the mind is disturbed and presents obstacles in peace's path.

Lord Mahaveer's main proposition has been spirit. Talking about spirit he indicated the process of enlightenment through self awareness. Enlightenment is the harnessing of the inner self. The true form of spirit is - self-knowledge and self-realization. To know and to see is the duty of spirit, but to enjoy is not in spirit's nature. Happiness-sorrow is part of the worldly flow. Know but do not enjoy- this is the way of spirituality. Spirituality does not allow any sense of enjoyment. Because of event's happiness the cycle of sorrow starts. Teacher Yashopadhyay has written-

Drastudrigaatma mukti, drisyaeekaanmy bhavkram.

Spirituality and spiritual outlook lead to enlightenment. Alignment with forbidden objects is by itself pursuant of destruction of consciousness.

The achievement of reduction of sorrow can only be lowered by a reduction in self indulgence.

The lesser the enjoyment in life, the more limited the reflective life. Lord Mahaveer’s viewpoint on work was very clear. He expressed his opinion on work as follows:

Kaamo kamahi kamiy khu dukkha

Aatman I Overcome the desire for sex and automatically the cycle of sorrow will end.

Chindahi dos vinaejj raag avanm suhi hohisi samraae

Relinquish hatred, overcome deceit and, you shall find true happiness in this world.

Kaamkaami khalu ayan purise Se soyati jurati tippti piddati paritppti

This man is a sex-seeker, a seeker of sexual pleasures. Till his heart's desires are expressed, he will continue to wallow in self-pity and sorrow. Upon displeasure of sexual desire or dissatisfaction with sex, the body experiences pain, sheds tears and experiences pain and yearning.

Lord Mahaveer has preached to have control on sex. Even sociologists agree that unlimited sex is harmful for the individual, nation and the society. According to them sex must be for procreation. Limiting uncontrolled sexual desire through awareness is required. Necessity and desire have to be differentiated and strict restraint must be exercised. For those involved in spirituality and those who discharge worldly familial duties, sex restraint must be treated as a part of life and tradition.

Question: Medical and technological advances have altered many tenets core to celibacy. Till now, there were some facts considered harmful to the body from medical point of view. But Modern technology has rendered these assumptions void and shown that there are no adverse effects of these on the human body. When there can be a second thoughts on the lines of medical and technological innovation, should there not be a second thoughts on the grounds of faith?
Answer: The changes in celibacy on the basis of medical and technological advances can be considered as a base for changes in other thought-streams. But the value of celibacy does not diminish by that. Celibacy is an essential part of the fabric of life and influences life in all its forms. For a healthy life and longevity, celibacy is important. For those in scientific circles who think that non celibacy and unnatural methods do not harm the body in anyway, there is a difference in the thought. From a health perspective, non celibacy cannot be supported. The confusion in people's minds is due to the physiological aspects of the body, namely hormones and sperm. Hormones are secreted by hormonal glands. This is not useful. The more it is secreted, the more it is excreted, as scientists consider it to be. These are secreted by the body after the harnessing of metals within the body. Excess can lead to drop in iron levels. The mind will be polluted by excess amounts.

The smoother a man's breath is he will live longer and healthy. Breath is fastest during sex. Non celibacy lowers the life force. Overall capacity is affected. Mental debility comes into play. Irritability and imbalance increases. Life is thrown out of balance. One who controls his virility is only considered virile.

Question: Present-day psychologists consider sex education as a necessity. From a spiritual viewpoint, how important is it?
Answer: The Jain view of the world holds everything in this world as sacred. To hurt a sacred thing is sacrilegious. Carefully planned training and its necessity cannot be disputed. However with what objective this training is provided is important. In what situation and at what age is it given is important. In my point of view the benefits are uncertain, knowledge can be misused and can be properly used, it depends on the person's character and eligibility.

Question: Is sex an essential necessity of life like food, water? If yes, why is it considered offensive? If not, why?
Answer: Sex and food - water cannot be treated on par with each other. Though sex is considered a natural need by behavioural sciences, it is entirely different from food, water. Food - water are needed right from birth, sexual desires surface at a later stage with special circumstances attached.

From the beginning, exercising restraint on the senses does not explode the sexual desire. Hunger and thirst are unavoidable needs, whereas sex is excited by suggestive atmosphere. It cannot be considered as a mandatory need of human life.

The consideration of sex as abhorrent has more to do with society and standards. Spiritualism does not teach somebody to consider anything as abhorrent. To spiritual discourse, sex is on the same lines as violence, deceit, theft. Violence, untruthfulness, theft, gluttony and sloth - these five elements bind the individual in chains. Protection of the self from these elements is spiritualism. A family man cannot always protect himself from these elements at all times. For this, some perimeters have been drawn for man. If sex is considered abhorrent then why would the marriage institution gain acceptance in civil society? Any person who deviates from societal norms is chided, and will be subject to scrutiny.

Question: Should students take part in politics?
Answer: Given the students' mindsets and current political scenarios, I would advise students not to participate in politics. A student understanding is immature. The values acquired now will affect their life throughout. For them, this is the time of self-awareness and value-building and new possibilities. At this stage, the clearer their minds are, the more focused they will be. In the order of focus, the acquisition of knowledge turns into ruins. Political mind games leave students in a daze. Because of this they fail to choose the right path.

Politics is neither right nor wrong. It moves forward on the leadership of individuals as and when they guide it. I do not agree that good people must not enter politics. If good people do not enter politics, how will politics get better? Will the leadership of nation not lose hope if there is no goodness in politics? Incapable leadership will create new problems for the people than integrating them. This is why I would like unbiased and enlightened view people to join politics, and establish new standards with their entry into politics.

Students should harvest good values for their future life. Politicians use students as their agents for their selfish needs. Their immature and uninformed minds are subject to influence. At this stage, they cannot decide right-wrong for themselves, I would advise students to stay off of politics and excel in their studies.

Question: Do you agree with reservation policy helpful for social development?
Answer: Reservation policy debates on the basis of caste often turn out to be controversial. Any measures taken on the basis of caste, race or minorities for the development of society cannot be termed wrong. When all groups in the country are leading a high life style, if there is any group which is downtrodden, backward for centuries, why not effort be done to uplift them in the true spirit of independence?

Any thoughts to save weaker sections of society from their drudgery are not within our consent. To uplift a person, through humane consideration and fraternal feelings can be one path. But the correct path is to empower a group by helping them realize their true potential and make them contribute to development. This can be initiated by anybody.

There is a famous narrative about Pali that whoever new, came to stay there, was assimilated into their society. This is an example of societal fraternity. The city dwellers would present new settlers with bricks and money to help them settle there by building their houses, fostering a unique sense of brotherhood.

Everyone lives in India are brothers, if this mindset develops and on basis of this if people help to uplift others then reservation policy based on fraternity for all is acceptable. Nevertheless, when a person works only for votes or political gains based on reservations, fingers will be pointed at him.

Question: New projects of reservation arising from the political platform gave students a chance to express outrage. Their steps are certainly not wise. Alternatively can any new ideas be put in front of them?
Answer: All things emanating from politics are given a political colour. The students' agitation on reservations has been instigated and is in my opinion, it is politically motivated one. I think a new communalism is created within students. Some people with vested interests turn everything into a movement, uplifting it without analyzing the pros and cons, this sensationalism must stop.

Students can commit to constructive tasks instead of getting carried away with the flow and wasting their time. There is a big task before them of drug eradication.

It is well known how drug abuse has harmed students. Corruption is unchecked and social evils are appearing in newer forms. If a new movement is initiated by the youth against these evils then it could aid the country. Only through a movement, can the change be initiated at the top.

Question: Who is responsible for the decay in moral values, and rise of chaos in society? Is it our corrupt social order or wrong education system?
Answer: In this regard, no single person or mechanism is responsible for this debacle. The society and education policy are not wrong though an incomplete approach in education system is definitely responsible. Electronic gadgets like TV, radio, movies and their misuse has lead to a proliferation of criminal thinking in the younger generation. Misuse of electronic gadgets will adversely impact the youth and hinder the nation's development. But who is bothered for development? Their selfishness and entertainment is important. For the establishment of moral values in society, collective responsibility is a must.

Question: Will the ethical education stop the whirlwind of moral education? Any suggestion?
Answer: There is no difference between morality and ethics. Ethics are the first step in morality. The faith professed today is communal in the garb of morality and lacks ethical values. The ethical values cannot be upheld by this charade. Morality is the science that upholds ethical values. It cannot continue without faith. In the name of religious education in community dominated era can increase complexity, doubts and confusion may increase and a question of communal may also rise. Moral education is free from all these problems. It is moral education but not religious education of any community. Using the platform of Anuvrat, several times I have repeated the need for moral education.

Without focus on the moral education's scientific aspects, immorality cannot be rooted out. Moral education is thus as important as study of Sociology, Economics and Psychology.

Question: The issue on morality is often heard, but no progress is observed. What's the reason?
Answer: Some issues are evident, others are intrinsic. When time comes, the intrinsic issues surface and people worry about their outcomes when confronted with them. Only a small part of icebergs can be seen from top as the major part is inside. The debate on upgrading the moral values exists but could not be seen or it can be said that as the progress is slow, the effects are slow to materialize.

In this context, I would like to draw your attention that it is difficult for good values to come in front as the evil appears. Falling is simple but lifting is difficult. The efforts to assimilate ethical values must not be stopped, only long-term efforts would yield results. The primary question is about the stabilization of beliefs. If moral beliefs are prevailed then growing influence of ethics cannot be suppressed.

Question: How can the faith in morality and its tenets be restored and stabilized?
Answer: Immorality in the name of morality will reduce the beliefs of morality. Initially ban all the immoral tendencies which are being sheltered under ethics.

In the public mindset, the advantages of morality and the disadvantages of immorality must be highlighted In order to build up moral values rapidly. Practically society should honour a moralist, their moral act should be judged. Just as eminent personalities are rewarded for accomplishments in other domains like education and bravery, ethical personalities must be duly rewarded in the public domain to set an example.

Those people whose life is not according to the moral values, they should not be given importance. Their immoral act should be questioned and those who encourage and deal with such persons must be shunned. If morality could be placed at first rank in compare to money, position or power, then the stabilization of moral belief can be possible.

Question: Is it possible for a single person to stay ethical and authentic without societal changes?
Answer: Social environment is necessary for a person to remain ethical and authentic, however it does not mean that no one can be authentic without changing the environment.

There have been such persons every now and then, but their numbers are very less.

Therefore it is necessary to fortify in favour of system -change through social view and soul- change through system view, so people can live moral life conveniently.

Generally immoral mindset has two causes - greed and fear. While some are influenced by greed to commit immoral acts, others are by fear and insecurity of their family and asset. Greed and fear are two black Cobras, who destroy the foundations of moral values. Those who break the walls of greed and fear remain moral and authentic in any circumstance.

Question: What are the fundamental necessities of society-building based on ideals and values?
Answer: Building an individual is the basic fundamental of the society building. 'A transformed individual in society transforms the nation'. This concept of Anuvrat (small vow) is the fundamental concept of a healthy society building.

Social evils like illiteracy, immorality, social malaises, poverty, unemployment, torpor, criminal mentality, consumerism all contribute to the decay of values and morals. Only an ordered lifestyle will help to get rid of these. Unless the lifestyle of human is not changed, the morals and values cannot be assimilated.

The job to train people on lifestyle is that of religious gurus and social workers.

Religious gurus are accountable to leave the comfort of their mutts to train and help their disciples to change their lifestyle. Social workers must organize camps and workshops to train people on an ethical and moral lifestyle. Excellent health, stable family and healthy society is essential for an ethical and active lifestyle. 'Anuvrat (small vow) Family plan' and 'new dimensional life style' based on ideal and values can be proved a correct step in the direction of society building.

Title: Education for Bliss & Development
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Adarsh Sahitya Sangh
Digital Publishing: Amit Kumar Jain

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