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Published: 22.05.2018

Valuable Formulae of Human Life

Vivekananda was going somewhere. A monkey followed him. Vivekananda looked back and started walking fast as he saw a monkey behind him. The monkey speed too got increased. Vivekananda started running and so as the monkey. Some experienced person advised Vivekananda 'Stop, do not run'. Vivekananda stopped and so as the monkey. To stop a running man is a kind of change. Change is an awakening symbol. Only conscious person can think to change. The source of thinking is dried in deep sleep and process of change gets stopped. In this context I have written a song -

Ab manavjanam milyo, jago.
Jeevan ne badlo mat bhago
Aa yauvan dhan tan-tarunaae.
Aishwarya alaukik arunayee.
Eik khin me tutae jyon tago.
Nopat prayan ki baaj rahi.
Koi kaal gayo koi aaj sahi.
Kun janae kun karsi sago?
Jo manav jisi karae karni,
Aakhirto bisi parae bharni.
Ee thod nahi chaalae thago.
Nar Jeevan dholi chadar hai,
Chihun gati me inn ro aadar hai.
Inn par mat lagan dyo dago.
Jo Jeevan ree unnatee chavo,
'Tulsi' sanyam-path apnavo.
Sari dil ki duvidha tyago.

Human birth is a golden opportunity for awakening. Consciousness is the first formula for change. People who awaken the spirit of change are the inspiration of this song. Puberty, money, wealth etc are fleeting. It breaks in seconds like a weak thread. The drum of death is dancing on the head of human. Some left yesterday and some will leave tomorrow. Who will go along from here at the time of leaving? As one sows as one's reaps. In this context no one can cheat. Humans' life is a white sheet. Man in motion is the most important of four motions. There should not be any kind of smear on its brightness. Advancement in human life is possible. For him conduct of restraint is required being free from all dilemma. Whoever is ready for change and awaken by considering these ideal formulae can make their life meaningful.

Who is also Awake while Sleeping?

To sleep and wake up are the mandatory routines of life. Cells break due to wake up and are built during sleep, although the metabolism of cells are in a course of regular action. Whether the metabolism of cells are understood by anyone or not but with respect to body sleeping after awakening and to awake after sleeping is necessary.

Ayaro's point of view is different. According to him few people sleep continuously, even sleep when awake. Few people are awaken continuously, even conscious while sleeping. It has been said by giving identification to these kinds of people -

Sutta a muni saya.
Munino saya jaagranti.

Ignorant keeps on sleeping all the time. They remain unconscious even while they are awake. The knowledgeable always remain awake. They remain awake during day, sleep at night and remain conscious while sleeping. Such people are distinguished. They do not become fool in any situation.

Those Who Remain Awake are Brave

Lord Mahaveer has said - "Jaagarwerovaraye Veere" those people are brave who are awaken and away from enmity. Anybody can have friendly behaviour with friends, well-wishers and kinsfolk. The one whose heart is full of well wishes for enemies, antagonist and strangers is considered as brave.

This can also be said in opposite way - the one who is awakened and is away from the enmity is brave. Being awake does not mean that the person should not sleep at night. His wake is more important, who is awake while sleeping.

Students are taught a proverb in Sanskrit -

Kakchesta Bakdhyanam swan nidra tathaiv cha
Alpahari grihatyagi vidyarthi panchalakshanam

A student is identified by five characters- his efforts are like a crow, his concentration are like a heron, sleeps are like dog, he eats less, remains in seminaries and schools after leaving home. In the given context sleeping like a dog can be considered an indicator of awareness. Dog sleeps anywhere, lies in the middle of the road, yet takes sleep. He is conscious enough while sleeping that he wakes up at little noise. There are some people who manage to overcome sleep. There is a definition for victory over sleep-sleep when you want and wake up when you want. This is a use of willpower. You get 10 minutes of free time while working. Falling asleep for ten minutes and get up at right time without any sign is awakening while sleeping.

How Many Such Saints Are There?

Who can develop willpower? Who can remain awaken while sleeping? For saints you can say that they remain awaken while sleeping. Who can be considered as saints? One who keeps whisk broom, veil, is saint, this is not necessary. Saint can be without whisk broom and veil. The one who keeps whisk broom and veil is not necessarily a saint. In reality there are a very few saints. Royal saint Bhatrihari has written -

Mansi vacshi kaaye punypiyushpurnaa
Stribhuvanmupkarshrenibhih preenyantah
Pargunparmanunah parvatikritya nityam.
Nijhridi Viksantah santi santah kiyantah.

Whose soul, speech and body are suffuse with the holiness of nectar, the one who makes all three world content with his benevolence, the one who becomes happy by seeing others small virtues considering as big as mountains, how many such saints are there. There may be less number of saints; the splendour of their character spreads out everywhere.

There is No Title for Nobility

Personality of Saints is limitless. There is no weighing machine to weigh the immensity and hugeness. A person can be scaled on his own instinct. In his instinct is there inclination of anger, value, allure, greed etc. or no? Can he tolerate any of the adverse action or not? Can he accept his weaknesses or not? If he realizes the weaknesses then he attempts to get free from it or not? One who meets all the criteria, he can illuminate his sanctity. Otherwise no one gets the certificate for Sainthood, which can be proven by showing sanctity.

There was a king who used to distribute titles to many people. A man approached him and said: 'Your majesty - you honour me with nobility.' The kind thought for a while and said - 'I can give many titles, but I cannot give this.' Through this sentence of the emperor, the secret that is unveiled is that degrees like nobility cannot be given. They have to appear from within.

Some person comes before me and says- 'Please make me a sage'. I can shave his head, give him face-veil, cover sheets, whisk broom type instruments, give him knowledge, make him study, but how can I make him a sage? Becoming a sage is in a person's own hand. He is himself the creator of his own fate. If he doesn't have mindset, preparation or personality then what anyone else can do?

Practice Influenced has No Sorrow

A saint is a practitioner. His way of working is organized. His appetite and living are controlled. In the field of work his attitude is restrained. His sleeping and waking up are also controlled. The work and practices of a man whose thoughts are controlled by restraint sees his sorrows disappear. A hymn in the Gita which means -

Yuktaharbiharasya, yuktachestasyakarmsu.

If there is no moderation, then no matter how much of work is done, how much discipline is maintained, whatever austerities are done, how much self-study is done or how much distance is travelled, there is no relief from sorrow. The only way of getting rid of sorrow is moderation. The meaning of moderation is awareness. Awareness is related to self-awareness. Self-aware person never commits mistakes. It is in this light it has been said that, the person who is aware, who is knowledgeable is awake even if he is sleeping.

Title: Education for Bliss & Development
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Adarsh Sahitya Sangh
Digital Publishing: Amit Kumar Jain

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