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Published: 28.05.2018

Who is the person, about whom many people have heard? A person having acquired the knowledge of scriptures is much heard of, is an incomplete definition. It is related with inner development. A person having knowledge of many scriptures, but unaware of living factors cannot be called a person whom many have heard about. For this, it is necessary to be mild in nature and well behaved.

Highly Knowledgeable Person Rises From a Complete and Unanimous Personality

The question is, whether such people are born instinctive or they are made? In my opinion, one can try to become or can be turned into that personality, which gives him name and fame. Dedication and affection can together create such personality. Great poet Magh has given two instincts, which can create such persons, who are popularly heard of -

"Tungatvamitara Nadro Nedam Sinddhavagadhata.
Alanghaniyataheturubhayam tanmanaswini."

Mountain has height, but it does not have depth. Sea has depth, but not height. It is not impossible to climb at the peak of the mountain and dive to the surface of the sea. Man has climbed to the Mount Everest and has reached to the bottom of the sea. There are certain people who possess height and depth together and because of this quality they become unmeasured. Their heights and depth cannot be measured. Those who possess these two qualities can be called a man, who is much heard of. These qualities provide him an identity and personality, which is undivided. He lives with many qualities and creates an undivided personality.

A Highly Knowledgeable Personality can be Created

A much heard person acquires knowledge and along with that gives up anger, ego, worldly desires and greediness. Unless these evils are given up, a person will not develop a personality, which is much heard of. I have seen many people with full of anger, but have not seen a person with excellent generosity. I have come across many people with proud, but have not seen a humble person like Acharya Maghrajji. I have seen many cheating others, but how many people have a personality of simplicity. I have met many who are greedy, but have not seen people with satisfied wisdom. Like this, I often come across educated people, but I rarely meet a well heard person.

If we try to find people from thousands, how many of them would possess a personality whom many have heard of. An erudite, can neither be destroyed nor accused. Yogakshem year is trying to do something creative in this direction. I am confident that some erudite personality will come up from our community itself. They will present an exceptional example by imbibing the depths and heights together with their emotional development.

Title: Education for Bliss & Development
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Adarsh Sahitya Sangh
Digital Publishing: Amit Kumar Jain

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