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Education for Bliss & Development: 48 ►Three Dimensional Undertaking

Published: 21.06.2018

It is important to think about three things regarding education. Those three things are - respecting the values, transmission of values and protection of values.

Respecting the Values

Education is an important value of life. But it is not achievable on its own. What is achievable is the purity of life. In this view education has no independent value. It becomes valuable only when it is attached with other values of life. There are many people in this world who are educated but their life is uncultured. They are filled with anger and hatred like an uneducated person. For them education is like a burden. It does not even benefit the society or the nation. An uneducated man doing a wrong deed is not desirable, but it is not unforgivable. But if an education and sensible man does a wrong thing, this cannot be pardoned. Also, an uneducated man may not be able to do that wrong deed with the cleverness an educated man possesses. Although, an educated man can do a good deed with proficiency. But, instead of using his expertise in doing great things, if he chooses to do the wrong thing, then education gets a bad name. The main intention of education is the development of a good human being. If education is not able to develop a good human being then it is natural that its significance will be questioned.

Some people think of education as a helping hand in socializing. For then leading a successful social life is enough. But this is not the right aim of education. Its right aim is the all-round development of life. If life is fully developed, its images automatically reflect on the society. A person living life on the basis of only one personality can neither benefit his society or nation, nor his family or himself. In these situations, education loses its meaning. This is the reason why students today are more interested in attaining degrees. Even the government and society gives validity to these degrees. If education is combined with the values of life then no student will cheat, no teacher will help him in cheating and the government will not consider only degrees as a basis of efficiency. For this to happen, the first condition of education is that it should be combined with the values of life.

Transmission of Values

After establishment of values, their transmission comes next. If the whole environment is polluted then the question arises that how can we save human beings? Today, wrong values are being transmitted everywhere. House and office all are deformed. Politics has ruined all the values. Even education is influenced by it. In these situations, the teachers and students should be given a mask of pure environment so that they can be protected from pollution. Life science is a mask that can keep a man unaffected from outward and make him introvert. He can be emotionally transformed. Only intellectual education cannot make him introvert. For emotional transformation he will have to undergo various experiments. In this view life is a certain approach of science. A person starts from being uninterested and reaches a point where he gives his full attention. It has been certified after many experiments on people that it is possible to improve bad habits by life science. It can help in building a healthy personality. The only requirement is that it should be given right status in education. Teachers should be educated on this and this education should be used in schools regularly. Some people believe that today the students are under too much pressure to study their course books. In this situation we should not burden them further. The first point is that life science is not bookish knowledge. It is the art to live life. The knowledge of this art is more important that the knowledge of any other subject.

Protection of Values

This question arises constantly that how to remove this contradiction in school and at home? We will have to find out a point of balance in the contradiction, and that point is student itself. If the bases of spirit of students are made strong then they can retain their entity even in adverse conditions. It is not only beneficial for the nation and society but also for the student. Life science can be helpful in developing the physical, intellectual, mental, sentimental aspect of a student. With this teachers will also have to accept some conditions in their life. At least their life should be addiction free. They should be keen about students. This is also expected that there should be gravity in their behaviour. It will be good for them as well as for students. The need of the hour is that the importance should be given to the values of life and awareness should be there for its protection.

Title: Education for Bliss & Development
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Adarsh Sahitya Sangh
Digital Publishing: Amit Kumar Jain

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