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Published: 11.05.2018

Everyone wants to live a good life and its quest leads him to new discoveries. He wants to get the universal formula of a good life. Few people believe that wise men live best! Few believe that those who are technologically inclined live better! Few also believe that a combination of wisdom & technology is required for a better life! All these facts are relative "I believe that along with wisdom and technology, man requires sympathy, compassion, practicality, judgment, tolerance etc, to make his life better & beautiful!"

Man is thoughtful! He swims in his present, thinking about the future with a burden of past on his shoulders. He lives in all the three periods simultaneously. No other being has a similar mind that cradles multi-period thought process! Animals also think, but their thinking is limited to time & place. Some feed their newborn, collect food, build homes but never do they think of saving for their future generations. Their nature concentrates their thought process in their present & relative immediate future.

On the contrary, we humans believe in saving for the future, earn worry about their children’s well being, even think of securing his next seven generations. Why do we think our future generations are incapable or do we want them to live handicapped? If no, why don't we give them an opportunity to sculpt their future on their own? Why do we carry this weight on our shoulders?

Humans are strongly attached to their child, which also justifies their desire to give something to them. I want to ask him what is it that he wants to glean for his future generations. What must he save? WEALTH! What type of wealth? On today and off tomorrow, wealth that is perishable? No! If you have to save, secure a wealth, which is non-taxable, which cannot be robbed, no theft could deplete it, no fire could burn it, no storm could blow it away and no flood could destroy it! A wealth which is not partnered, not under else's authority and one that accumulates when shared!

A wealth that cannot be robbed that augments when appointed....does such a wealth exists in reality? The answer to this question is a positive YES! This is the wealth of character, discipline & conscious. Purity of character, aura of discipline & the light of knowledge are worth qualifying as the wealth accumulated for the future generations. People securing this heritage are great & those who accept this wealth are capable of achieving pinnacles of success and honour. Wealth in the form of money (or monetarily valued) left behind can be lost or earned more than what was left, but the wealth of life transforming values would never deplete or diminish. I hope that the future generations inherit this invaluable heritage.

Title: Education for Bliss & Development
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Adarsh Sahitya Sangh
Digital Publishing: Amit Kumar Jain

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