Education for Bliss & Development: 08 ►A Thought On Constructing The New Generation

Published: 13.05.2018

A Nation of Great Cultural Heritage

India is a great nation having an amazingly great culture. India boasts of a glorious history having some unknown specialities. The parameters defining glory in India is not wealth, material properties or power, here tolerance, character & sacrifice defines the glory of a person! Largely wealthy and powerful people feel honoured bowing to a saint or a holy entity. Non violence & friendliness have been the principle of this country. Even today India holds a very important place in the international scenario due to its culture of sacrifice, non violence & non radical strategies.

Present Indian mentality, on factual basis, is changing its path. The principles of the past are not enough to bring satisfaction during present times, resulting in the form of diminishing values like good character, truthfulness, morality, honesty etc. It is important to rejuvenate these characters in one's life, but the question is how? Only one solution arises - Cultivation of equality, patience & sacrifice along with imbibitions of character in education! By rejuvenation of old principles I never meant that you develop yourself into a primitive being, ignoring every developmental activity. All I am suggesting is that we do not forget those principles that guided us on the path of self discovery.

Aim of Learning

I remain worried about the fact that our country (New generations) is not being sculpted properly due to aimless knowledge distribution. Students don't bother about what is the goal of all the knowledge they are pursuing. They have limited their learning only to the earning of their daily bread but education has to serve a better purpose. Education is for the holistic development of the life! I believe the students without bearing this fact in mind end up in destructive behaviours & activities. Education is losing its sheen due to the indiscipline that has crept into the lives of students. The question that arises is that why does a student forget that his life is equal to that of a yogi and of a learner, that they are going through the most important phase of their lives. Are they not cheating themselves by ignoring these important facts??


Today India is facing a severe drought in National Integrity not just in students but also in every part of the societies! If India needs to restore its lost glory & pride, then it has to eradicate the issue raised above. No country can develop holistically without a considerable contribution from integrity rise!

Anuvrat revolution is aimed at awakening of the integrity! Activating the will power is the initial stage of Anuvrat. We find students in oaths based on non-violence, truthfulness and proven principles. Power gets generated by an oath supported by transformation. In our nation, we witness politicians, major government officers etc, taking oath against malpractice and terrorism. It is important that we accept the oath from our soul else we all know how many politicians and government officers obey their respective oaths. Only verbal recitation of oaths would do no good. I am sure that if every person swears to holistically develop his/ her nation and accordingly practice deeds, then our country will be much more beautiful and peaceful than heaven. But it is mostly observed that the thirst of power, lust of position (status) and the hunger for money blinds every man from his actual path. To remain on the right path it is important for a man to strengthen his will power and focus on the path to the present goals of his life! If this happens, then there's no stopping him from achieving his objective.

Title: Education for Bliss & Development
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Adarsh Sahitya Sangh
Digital Publishing: Amit Kumar Jain

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