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Published: 09.06.2018

If an epidemic breaks out in the country all state governments are shaken up. Extensive preparations are done to its prevention. The physicians have to work on war footing at that time. Today, not only in this country but there is an outbreak of an epidemic worldwide. The overall mankind suffers from it. Yet it seems as if no one is concerned about it. That epidemic is 'depravity of character'. In other words it can be called disregard of human values. Anuvrat (small vow) is such a campaign in our country that is determined to the diagnosis of this epidemic.

Any healing method absolutely requires qualified practitioners. It would be very helpful if teacher play the obligation of a therapist of this disease. From this sight for the first time 'Parliament of Teachers' is envisaged at all India level. Its first meeting is held in the education land, Ranavas. Teachers have shown enthusiasm for it. There may be some new prospects after seeing their positive attitude. There are three reasons -

  • Teachers are enlightened. They understand the seriousness of the condition. Their little organized efforts can work a lot.
  • Teachers are as preceptor. The future of the posterity of nation is in their hands. If the students are moulded in moral values from the beginning, the next generation can come forward with the bright future of the country.
  • The development of character fidelity in teachers may be tangible for the country.

It needs efforts to do any type of work. Teacher must join this event with mind and dedicate their services warmly for the treatment of the epidemic of depravity of character; it is the inspiration of their obligation.

Who is a Preceptor?

    A young man had forgotten the way and was lost. He was moving in jungle. There he saw a hut. Hungry, thirsty, tired, defeated young man reaches in that hut. There was a monk sitting in fumigation. The young man asked for food. The hermit said, "First accept my discipleship then you will get food". The young man asked, "What to do on becoming the disciple and what to do on becoming the preceptor?" The hermit replied, "The preceptor gives orders and pupil has to adhere it." The young man thinks for two minutes and uttered, "Is it possible that I may become your preceptor and you are my disciple?"

    The meaning of becoming the preceptor is to be your own first then lead others. Who is hungry for greatness, knows to order only, can be the nominal preceptor. There is no dignity of mastery in him. One who first disciplines himself is a preceptor. A preceptor is one who develops the frictional power. A preceptor is rich in confidence. A preceptor, himself makes his personality. He is the preceptor, who makes the light out of darkness. The person who has the ambition of becoming the preceptor cannot be the preceptor ever. To become a preceptor you have to exclude all other ambitions except one, keep only one resolution that how dignity of a preceptor can be incarnated in life?

    Any teacher meeting with or not meeting with all the considered criteria for the preceptor, he should at least meet the criterion of Anuvrat (small vow) that is laid down for teacher. There are five dimensions of the criterion -

    • I will become collaborator in character development along with the intellectual development of the student.
    • I will not resort the illegal measures to pass the student.
    • Neither I will promote partisan politics in my school nor will I encourage the students for this.
    • I will not consume intoxicants, alcohol and drugs
    • I will contribute in spreading the Anuvrat (small vow)

    The teachers who follow the above 5 rules with diligence can become ideal teachers amongst their contemporaries. The Anuvrat (small vow) teachers committee intends to cross the line and make progress through the Anuvrat (small vow) medium in the teachers' community.

Title: Education for Bliss & Development
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Adarsh Sahitya Sangh
Digital Publishing: Amit Kumar Jain

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