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Published: 17.05.2018

Knowledge is a wealth which is distinguished from all other fortune. It can be the desire of anyone to attain knowledge, but in reality everyone is not entitled to get it. In this matter many anchorites from India have guided from time to time. Lord Mahavir was not only an ultimate person for wisdom but also for self-knowledge. He removed all the sleazy ornaments of ignorance and took the brightness to true knowledge in his hands with the help of meditation. He on the basis of his experience has explained the qualification of a student:-

Ah atanhithandehi, sikhasile anti buchchai. Ahisisresayadante, nay a mammudahre.
Nasikeyavisile, nasiyaaayiioiuye. Akohnesachcharya, sikhasile anti buchchai.

A student having eight qualities can be eligible of getting knowledge. On the basis of these qualities a student can be explained as follows:-

  • One who not have fun like a jester.
  • One who suppresses his desires.
  • One who does not publicizes the affecting secrets.
  • One who is not characterless.
  • One who is not of blemished character.
  • One who is not greedy of food and drink.
  • One who is calm does not get angry.
  • One who is honest never lies.

The character of students of concurrent time will come out dwarf if they are held up with these qualities, in ancient times all the students proved themselves on these qualities, even to think upon this matter was a waste of time and in the present no students can stand up to such high level of character, to believing in this is the lack of thinking. Assessment is done on the basis of ratio. If we pay attention on ratio, then today student's condition is not at all satisfactory, moreover it is becoming alarming. The level of emotional development is gradually declining due to ratio of Intellectual development.

Prevailing Boastfulness in Students

In ancient education system there were a number of mandatory rules for spiritual discipline of pupils. I don't think that the current education system has ceased to apply to be one of them. Try to pass the exam by Indiscipline and in illegal ways, sabotage etc. has become a part of student's lives. Every year during exams they do some new invention in this direction. It was known from the newspapers that this year, the candidates have even started to make arrangements of dagger and pistol for the safety of their contrariness. Sometimes they have used these against the invigilators who try to stop them from cheating etc. A student had smitten the hand of the teacher by a tooth who was trying to stop him from copying. It has also been reported in the south that Annamalai University exams had to be stopped because of the boastful students.

Boastfulness Cause

In abroad, the appointment of an invigilator is an insult for the students whereas in Indian police has begun to deploy to their examination sites. To summarize today students has become a vivid problem. The diagnosis and treatment of infectious disease is highly expected. After coming in contact with millions of students and working since years and through Devotional movement, I have come to a conclusion that unrestrained education system is the main reason of boastfulness of student. According to this system the stimulation of direct unrestraint has increased and restraint has decreased. Usually students do not know what is sobriety and the good effects of mental, verbal and physical restraint in life. Students' life would have not been so dishevelled if 'restraint is life would have been taught against 'struggle is life'.

Direction of Solution

In present situation, only two solutions of the above problems are visible. The first solution is to teach students moral science along with other subjects. But so far it has been a controversial topic in the country. The difficulty in this direction is being considered that religious education cannot be viable in secular nation. There are many religions and several varieties of religious belief in India. Accepting any specific religious belief in this particular direction will only lead to more complex problems than language conflicts. This question is not to be left because of the above dilemma. It is not that there could not be a unanimous way in with respect to religious education. But as long as it is on the grounds of thought, training of moral science is the only way. There could be many theoretical and experimental forms of moral science. In brief, the heart of moral science training would be to make the students follow the ethical and pure culture. Culture has exceptional influence on life. In ancient times the same master used to take care of many students. Students' assaulted teacher, such an example is very rare.

The students get to learn from the start - master is like a father and there was no speedy learning. You should not get angry on being disciplined by the teacher. Disobedient student cannot gain knowledge. The meaning to present this concept is not to use the same mechanism or the way students were educated in ancient time. Today's training could only be successful by today's language and style. But students should have internal respect towards their teacher. Unless this is not done, educational institution could not be disciplined. In the present atmosphere, it seems that students consider teachers as a teaching servant.

If students are given ethical training in proper manner then undoubtedly it will make the students polite, disciplined and will inculcate good character in them.Another step in this direction would be to involve students in character-development institutions. As long as students are stable state, qualities of discipline and character are as per the principles valid to them and as per the duty eligible to them. Such students can be benefited in each and every school. Illuminated, awakened and intelligent students should join hands and establish an institution with a motive to spread ethical awareness among students. It is expected that 90% of students would join such kind of institution. Even if students do not come in such huge numbers, still it will be able to nullify the thoughts of negative minded students. To save students from going to the wrong path, this can be a very good initiative. It looks difficult for the Police or the teachers to be able to manage this army.

Stop Using Students for Political Purpose

One of the main reasons for the unruly behaviour of the students is their active participation in politics. It is not that they themselves are responsible for this. Time to time the political leaders use their passion, emotion and short­ sightedness to make them used to violent behaviour. The whole country is facing the ill results of it every day. It is very important to have a mutual decision that from now we will not involve students in political matters.

Meaningful Effort of Devotion

Under the devotional movement, ethical training and ethical institutions have been used in these years and its favourable results have also come up. I myself and hundreds of saints and workers of people working in faith have actively taken part by going to various schools in different parts of India and examining the students. As a result of this initiative million of student's have been able to gain the value of ethics. Some incidents of strike and demolishment have been prevented. Many students of schools and colleges have themselves taken up this work. They have accepted the following seven vows. They are also working relentlessly to make their fellow students take these vows.

Student's Devotion

    • I will never use malpractices during examination.
    • I will never take part in violent activities.
    • I will not use vulgar language, not read vulgar books or watch vulgar movies.
    • I will never consume intoxicating and addictive drugs.
    • I will never conduct myself unethically in respect of voting.
    • I will never marry for dowry nor will I attend any such marriage.
    • I will never cut down trees and spread pollution.

Both the said experiments have been very influential in Delhi. The President Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the Prime Minister Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru and the vice-chancellor of the Delhi University Dr. V.K.R.V Rao and other eminent personalities believe that the said experiments are a hopeful endeavour in this direction. I firmly believe that under the devotional movement or any inventive plan, if the endeavour of ethical training and ethical institution in a student is followed in systematic and pervasive manner then they can become the forerunner of ethical revolution and the host of next generation.

Title: Education for Bliss & Development
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Adarsh Sahitya Sangh
Digital Publishing: Amit Kumar Jain

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