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Education for Bliss & Development: 15 ►The Essence Of Being Wise

Published: 19.05.2018

Medicine and education is also incorporated in the minimum requirements of life along with clothing, food and house. Education is helpful in life but it is for future. Initially education should be used for grooming life. Today the discussion of development of education is everywhere. New schools are open for academic growth. Students acquiring education there are getting their brain developed. But there remains a question mark on emotional growth. Unless there is a balance between brain and emotional development, the life will not run smoothly. I am not against brain development but in my opinion a meaningful education is the one which is able to develop a systematic life. Education which does not develop life, that education is a burden and not a gift.

Definition of Life

Question would be that what is the meaning of life development? Before life development it is necessary to understand life. In Indian culture, life can be defined on the basis of agreed values.

Shaant tusht pavitrn ch, saanndmiti tatvath
Jeevan Jeevan prahu, bhartiya sanskritau

Where there is peace, satisfaction, purity and bliss, real life exists. The life where the above mentioned four elements are missing is not a real life. The correct development of life is the basic purpose of education. Education which could not communicate peace, satisfaction, purity and bliss in life is not a real education.

Reminiscence from Maid

Everyone walks but whose footprints pave a path for others are well known. Everyone talk but whose words become inspiration for others are well known. Everyone read but real education is one which is good for family, society and country. Sometimes a small incident, little words becomes inspiring for others. It is not necessary that person related to the incident or words should be highly educated. An illiterate can also say something which acts as an inspiration to others.

During ancient times, there was a maid who was appointed to lay the bed of a King. Every day she used to do her work with loyalty. She used to leave when the king enters the palace. One day she laid the bed. After completing her work she felt sleepy. She thought hope I could sleep on this soft bed. But a second opinion came to her mind - what if the king comes? Third opinion came as the king might come late. I will get up quickly and with this thought she slept. She went into deep sleep due to tiredness.

King came after sometime. The king saw the maid sleeping on his bed. He got very angry and called his guards and ordered them to punish her with scourge. The guards start to scourge and she woke up and got down from the bed. For some time she took the scourges, later suddenly started laughing. The king got surprised and asked her the reason to laugh. The maid said you did a great favour to me by waking me up so quickly. I am getting so many scourges for sleeping on this bed for a small period of time, what if I would have slept the whole night. I am laughing on the bizarre conclusion of this little pleasure. Hearing this opened the king's eyes. He became world-weary and went to meditate.

Armour of Resolution

The expectation of this era is that student gets inspiration from others and develops their character in such a way that others get inspired from them. Students can argue on expectation of improvement from them as when whole atmosphere is destroyed and there is no upgrade in anyone's character. I want to advice students that environmental change is not important for personality change. It is individual impotency. Are individual so weak that they become a toy of the environment. It is expected from students to change the environment on the basis of their education and for this determination is required. There is no difference in the spirit of fast and determination. Determination fast is armour, for an individual. He could save himself from the blow of evilness. There will always be a fear of insecurity if life is not protected by determination. Student should understand the importance of determination and at least accept the Anuvrat (a small vow) and move towards their life development.

The Abstract of Being Wise

What is the abstract of being wise? Lord Mahaveer covering this question, based on his experience said -

Avang khu nanino saar, jan na hinsae kanchan
Ahimsa samay chev, eyaavant viyaniya

The abstract of being wise is not to harm anyone, not to involve in violence. Victory over violence is non- violence. Non violence is balance. Equality is the element to understand life. Life becomes meaningful from revision of balance.

Why do humans earn knowledge? If purpose of learning is earning money then the purpose is not right. Money is the only means of livelihood cannot be feasible. According to Jain philosophy the purpose of learning should be enlightenment of soul. Who I am? Where I will go? Where have I come from? Answer to these questions is not in books. Gnosis is necessary to get these answers. Due to gnosis sanity feelings are awakening, monetary feeling becomes feeble, sense of truth is developed and leads to the path of peace and happiness.

What does Anuvrat do?

Anuvrat acts as a bridge between knowledge and behaviour. It inspires us to eliminate the double facet of words and actions. It builds the courage to come out of the masked world and walk on the actual surface; it encourages education to be of values. In lack of education based on values, students become unruly, enter into the darkness of crime, involve in violence activities and deviates from their aim. The students will be patient and disciplined if they are shown the correct direction from the beginning itself. The foundation of a healthy society could be formed if their determination is boosted.

Title: Education for Bliss & Development
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Adarsh Sahitya Sangh
Digital Publishing: Amit Kumar Jain

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