Education for Bliss & Development: 11 ►Culture - Training Is Necessary

Published: 15.05.2018

Environment, culture and abnormalities are three conditions. Basically man lives in the environment. Because of being a social animal his needs are limited, desires are controlled, efforts are restrained. Before the creation of social base this was the condition of man. Since when man has started to live in a group, he aimed at making his social life cultured. Culture affects every aspects of life like food habit, living standard, clothing, festivals etc. For proper character building sufficient environment and right training both are important.

In field of culture the biggest problem was created by revolution in communication. Newspaper and radio acted as a bridge in bringing people closer. T.V. culture brought everyone in front of each other. Today T.V. has become an important part of men's life. It has influenced the houses of people leading a life of simplicity. It is mixing the civilization and culture in such a way that has no example. This mingling has made the men directionless. Directionless person can never reach his target. After deciding the aim regularity in walking in right direction and speed is expected.

Direction is decided on the basis of culture. Culture gives recognition to people. Awareness from starting is necessary in this aspect; otherwise due to infiltration of abnormalities there is a risk of pollution in culture. This pollution not only affects man's body but also his mind. His thoughts and behaviour are also affected. So sowing of seeds for these cultures, which make life healthy, well cultured and intellectual, should be given proper attention.

Complete culture is a special dimension of healthy living. This dimension rejects those cultures which are against country and time, keep rooted to superstitions, encourage meaningless orthodox methods, give rise to the intention of blind faith. In social life those who sow the seeds of violence and excitement can never be useful. Presenting fruits and vegetables in the form, animals and birds in the name of decoration virtually represents the violent mindset.

Birth, naming, marriage, festival, feast, death- these are the special occasions on which a person is recognized. Depending on the decoration of home, shop, office etc. a person is recognized. Things like Greetings, behaviour, etc. which display interpersonal relationship give recognition to a person. Culture is the medium of this recognition. Those cultures which rescue a person from deformities and ill mannerism, they become a part of healthy living. Only if venture for prevention and enculturation of these cultures continues then it is possible to fulfil the aim of making the future generation cultured.

Title: Education for Bliss & Development
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Adarsh Sahitya Sangh
Digital Publishing: Amit Kumar Jain

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