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Published: 06.06.2018

Students are the prospective makers of the society and country. It is necessary that they are developed in the proper manner. There is potential in them to develop. They are receptive. They can become anything; hence, they are pivot of hope. Students study in school. The word Vidyalaya is made of two words - Vidya + Aalaya. That means the house of knowledge. Knowledge is the fundamental element of life building. In order to achieve the highest level of development in life, knowledge is the most important requirement. Knowledge is life, knowledge is essence, knowledge is element, and knowledge is the main medium of self-construction and self-development.

Not only I but also the top leaders and exceptional thinkers are not satisfied with today's teachings in schools, colleges and universities and the way the students being taught there. They are also of the same opinion that the educational methods in our country are not good enough. How can we say the educational system altogether to be good enough when it does not purify the culture and make it graceful and sophisticated? The country's all round growth is not possible until there are efforts to make the culture pure, graceful and sophisticated. The education that fails to develop a person, society and a country adequately cannot be termed as all-round. Who is to blame if the education is not effective? In my opinion, the fault is not of any one factor. In this context the government, educationists, teachers and parents should do some brainstorming. The problem can be solved if concrete steps are taken towards the solution after co-rumination and co-decision.

Knowledge is the basic capital of life. In its absence, a person cannot even be aware of his/her existence. The increasing number of educational institutes proves that the attraction towards knowledge is growing, and the resources are developing in order to achieve it. However, the teachings taught there are concerned to material knowledge. There is neither specific attraction for spiritual knowledge nor any efforts for its achievement. It is considered desirable for any spiritual person to think who am I? Where do I come from? Where do I go? Am I temporary/transient according to Buddhism or impervious, impenetrable, insoluble, sustainable element of eternal-nature according to Vedic religion? Can I remain alive after death? There is kind of an absence of this life sustaining education. Unless and until this fundamental education is given, the ordination of life is not possible. Herewith, it is also true that unless and until the life is not observant, the achievement that the education deserves will not be achieved.

Career is a means of living and not a way of living. It is an eternal principle. The persons, who believe in this, start their education while aiming for a great goal. Even great persons like Krishna, Buddha, and Mahaveer etc. were sent to Gurukul (Teacher's place) for studies in their childhood. The main aim of their studies was to know themselves, awaken their consciousness, imbibe the essence of disdainful and purposeful, and abstain from the tendencies that make the life inordinate and lowly. How the students will grow and progress if the aim of education is not clear and appropriate? The first responsibility of the teachers is to explain their students the fundamental purpose of education.

I am surprised to see that in spite of several educational institutions, there is no satisfaction in educational field. Every year, thousands of students obtain major Degrees from educational institutions, every year many educational institutes are established a new, even though everybody is saying that the country's is state is degrading and its morality as well. What is this? Is the fact wrong? How is it wrong? The voice is not of one or two, but of majority of people. In fact, we cannot reject the opinion as wrong. Because, if the life-moulding knowledge is not moulding the life then how is it regarded as knowledge?

Now days, we can say that the prefix 'Vi' gets added to the word 'Gyan' (knowledge), hence it is no more ordinary but has become exceptional. That exceptional 'Gyan' (knowledge) is 'vigyan' (science). Today, science is on its apogee. Still human life remains to be paralyzed and frustrated. Why? What is the reason? I think the error is in the fundamentals. The problem will not solve until and unless the root cause is found out for resolution.

In this context, after analysis it is obvious that the character that should build up with knowledge is not building up. Knowledge without character can make a man more intelligent but not a good human being. This does not mean that knowledge should not be sought. The saying implies that having food is effective only if we also have water to drink within the reach of our hands. Without water, having food is hazardous and remorseful. We can survive if we do not have food for four days. However, in absence of water we cannot survive even for a day while only depending on food. In current era, there is neither shortage of educational institutes nor of knowledge and science. After studying the situation across eras, it has become obvious that the character development is being hampered with the growth of education. It is because of this there are a lot of problems and conflicts in every field today. That is why it is most important for character to accompany knowledge. Characterless knowledge/education will not solve the problems of life and world, but will make it more complicated. Knowledge and character are mutually complimentary. Everyone should think over it seriously. It is said that King Ravan was a great erudite. He was no short of knowledge. His power was also not less. However, when his character became clouded, he had to die by Ram and Laxman's hands. Students also should learn from legendary and historic events that characterless knowledge or erudite is not any worthwhile. If one has good character then the lack of knowledge can also be pardonable. In this context, we have elders and old mothers as an example. They do not have any degree or certificate but even though their character power was so comprehensive and robust that their active life was reflected on their descendants. I am not blaming learned guardians and teachers and do not want to discourage them. I just want to make it clear that a cart cannot run on single wheel. Only the carts having two wheels can reach to intended destination. Hence, knowledge and character both are much needed in a students' life. These two elements conjointly can make life developed, successful and cultured.

A question can arise that what is character? Character can be defined in various forms. But the simple meaning of character is that from the time of waking up in morning to going to bed at night, not a single act of a person should be harmful or pestiferous to others. Who is conscious in this context is entitled to be called a virtuous person. One who wants to learn virtuousness need not work hard. He does not need to read more books or spend money. Primarily, to become virtuous only one virtue should be practiced. That virtue is truthfulness. Truth comprises whole of the morality. No part of it is out of truth's bounds. Here is a verse to highlight the splendour of truth -

satya se badkar jagat me, kaun satpath aur hai
 aur sab pagdandiyan, yah rajpath kid or hai
satya hi bhagwaan, shri bhagwaan yon farma rahe
satya kegungaan,shri bhagwaan muchse gaa rahe
satya kimahimajinaagam me bhari purjor hai
satya se badkar jagat me, kaun satpath aur hai

[Which is the sacred way that is more transcendent than truth? All the others are mere pathways but this way is the royal one. Truth is God, God is telling this. God is singing the praise of the Truth. Augments are obsessed with Truth's splendour. Which is the sacred way that is more transcendent than truth?]

Truth is a not a meagre pathway. It is a broad highway. The person who walks on this way with confidence reaches his goal. No obstacles or difficulties come in his way. If they come in his way, they cannot stand in front of the power of his truth and his power of self. They loose and finally they give up. There is nothing in this world that is more exceptional than Truth. As God himself is depicting the truth as God - 'sacch bhayav'. This scripture sentence is throwing light on this very fact. Students should have faith in honesty from the very beginning of their childhood, for this very purpose, they should take oath that they will always speak the truth and never shelter the falsehood. If this does happen then their lives are successful and their future is golden.

Title: Education for Bliss & Development
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Adarsh Sahitya Sangh
Digital Publishing: Amit Kumar Jain

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