The Enigma Of The Universe : 3. Addhā Palyopama

Published: 23.03.2015

Each hair-piece, as described in uddhāra palyopama, is cut into a number of pieces equivalent to the number of samayas in uncountable years. The cylindrical pit is made cram-full with these pieces. Every samaya, a single piece is removed from it. The total period of time that elapses for emptying it completely is called addhā palyopama. In this way, the number of hair-pieces filled in the pit

= (4.13 x 1044 x a1xa2 x 107) x (number of samayas of uncountable years).

If we consider uncountable years = a3, then

1 addhā palyopama = (4.13 x 1044 x a1xa2 x 107 x a3) samayas

= (4.13 x 1044 x a1xa2 x a3x 107) years

= (4.13 x 1051) a1a2a3 years

= 105 a1a2a3 vyavahāra palyopama.

If we consider a1 = a2, then

1 addhā palyopama = 105 a1(a2)2 vyavahāra palyopama

= a1a2 uddhāra palyopama.

Table of Time-units of Palyopama

(1 vyavahāra palyopama = 4.13 x 1046 years)

1 uddhāra palyopama = (105 x a2) vyavahāra palyopama

1 addhā palyopama = a1a3 uddhāra palyopama

Title: The Enigma Of The Universe Publisher: JVB University Ladnun English Edition: 2010 HN4U Online Edition: 2014

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